Get the best of pizzas at affordable prices

Get the best of pizzas at affordable prices

Montreal has really set a benchmark when it comes to serving its audience with the fines taste of Italian pizza and making it pocket friendly. Most of the pizzerias in Montreal make it really affordable for the customers to indulge into their pizza love with ease. As the crowd is mostly youth the aim is to reach out to more customers and keep the pricing low. And in this journey the Double Pizza deals have made their own impact in the market.

Offering the best of taste in the market, this pizzeria has made purchasing pizza a reverent habit. Here are some deals that you can enjoy and savour your favourite pizza with!

Double Pizzas at a go!

As the name suggests, the trick has been to offer not just one but two pizzas of different flavours to the customers at a discounted price. While you shall buy one at full price, you can buy two at a good discount. The deal is a perfect fit for people who aren’t happy with just one pizza and need different flavours to savour through their evening. For two people, it’s the best order to make.

Combos to dine with!

Together with Pizza, the sides and different dishes are combined to turn it into a meal. As families and friend groups commonly dine at pizzerias these combos are the best picked items on the menu. The combos come at less the price than individual dishes thus making it both an affordable and tasty advent to explore the wide range of combos.

Create your own pizza

Everyone can get their taste customized from the experts and indulge into a pizza of their choice. The pizzeria helps you select from the right crust, choice of sauce, cheese, toppings etc and the baking level to craft just the taste you would love in your pizza. As it is mostly suggested and baked by the expert chefs there is no chance that you shall go wrong with your choice!

The classic specials!

Classic pizzas like the Margherita, pepperoni, cheese etc are made with a special affliction to bring together a fine taste. And at certain pizzerias there are variants in the classic too for the people who want to experiment. The classics are priced at lower than other pizzas to make it budget friendly!

When you are low on cash, the exciting combos and creative menus help you pick the best of pizzas at affordable prices!

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