Make the most out of your stay in Marrakech.

During the early days of our company, we were all about Marrakech. We had people from all over Morocco visiting Marrakech, our most popular is, of course, the Fes to Marrakech desert tour.

Although Marrakech can get quite busy and hectic which then may feel unsettling. And that is fine. With the right attitude, a decent amount of curiosity, and our help, you’ll find that Marrakech is as peaceful as Moroccan cities come.

Starting your day in Morocco’s red city can be exciting. Have a change of pace and drink Moroccan mint tea in breakfast, instead of coffee. The sugar will surely award you the boost, and the taste will definitely infuse your soul with joy. Every single hotel, restaurant, cafe, and even bar, serves mint tea – It’s a point of pride with Moroccans.

After waking up to Morocco’s sunshine, visit the Majorelle Garden. This enchanting garden was created by Jacques Majorelle, a famous French painter. It took Jacques over 35 years to fully ‘complete’ the garden – that’s dedication.

Almost every Marrakech desert tours includes a visit to the Majorelle Garden. It is that amazing, nobody can think about skipping it in their itinerary, and we understand. 

Enjoy the garden’s artistic feel and its cacti collection. The architecture complements it with its cobalt blue colours and recognizable carvings. It had caught the eyes of Yves Saint-Laurent, he even had his ashes scattered there, in 2008, after purchasing it 18 years prior to his death.

Visiting the garden moments after it has opened is the optimal thing to do, as it can get pretty swarmed – pretty quickly. The garden opens up at 8:00 am, arriving there thirty minutes later is wise. 

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