How Not To Make Excuses While Travelling!!!

If the thought “I need to travel” has ever crossed your mind, even if for a moment, then you have already taken the first step.

What is important now is to keep that dream alive and work positively towards that goal. Well, it’s easier said than done. By the time you go to bed your long list of daily hassles has already pushed your crave to travel into the remotest corners of your mind. By the next morning, you have forgotten all about it.

But can we fight our way against concerns of Job, budget, apprehensions and a lot more to step out of our comfort zones? Yes, the problems may be practically unconquerable for some of us. However, for others, we will be surprised to see that it’s only a matter of psyche.

Let’s fight these common excuses and turn them into our license to travel.

Not enough savings

We will never be able to save enough to meet our needs. What is important is to set priorities. Make a heading called “Travel Fund” and put it right up there at the top your list. Cut down on those weekend parties, meaningless movies and endless shopping sprees for a set period. You will find that you have saved enough for that first destination.

Travel is expensive

Not if you keep your eyes and ears open. Today there are quite a few websites that let you pick and choose from some fabulous travel & flight deals. Some of these are good. You can browse through and have a look at some of the fantastic schemes that they have to offer. They will make sure that your limited travel fund is good enough for you to step out of your home.

What about the job

Travel doesn’t always mean setting off on a cross-country hike. It does not always need an indefinite period. It can be as short as a weekend getaway. You have to plan your work and keep them on track, and your boss won’t mind letting you off for a few days. For others with bigger plans, you can try searching for a job that allows a sabbatical or allows you to work while you are mobile. Today many jobs let you earn a decent amount only with a laptop from any corner of the world.

Unknown people, culture, food & language

What apparently seems to be a concern to you is a reason for many to travel. You will never how good you are at making new friends, embracing new cultures and trying exotic food unless you have tried. Once you have done this, you will never be the same again. Put those apprehensions to rest and take the plunge.

Is it possible to travel alone?

Who said you are going to be alone? You will find a thousand others sharing the same passion and desire waiting out there for you to meet them. You will become chapters in each other’s books with memories to last a lifetime. Sometimes it is better to travel solo as you can neither expect others to have your tenacity nor can you share their limitations

Unsure where to start

It might well be the first trip that you take but by no means is it going to be your last. So all you need is to start, and by the time you stop you would have covered much more than you had ever imagined. If you ask 10 different people, you are sure to get 10 different reasons pleading you to not travel to one destination or the other. They have all had their share of experiences. Make your list and let your heart point out to the first destination.

Too old to travel

Travel has got way more to do with your mind than it has to do with your body. Age is the last thing that should keep you from travelling. You have slogged away the better part of your life trying to ensure a future for your family and your children. It is time for you to make use of a little portion of that saving and go on a quest to discover a whole new you.

Travel is a drug. A drug that liberates. Do not travel for travel’s sake but travel to add a whole new meaning to your life. It’s time you stop pushing that dream to “Someday”.