How to Pack Like a Pro While Traveling

How to Pack Like a Pro While Traveling

Packing is always the least of concerns while traveling. We invest hours in looking for cheap flights and the best of accommodations, while packing is usually a last-minute stuff. But that’s not exactly something really smart. Packing in a rush might lead you to skipping out on your daily dose of Vitamin tablets. On another hand, unmindful overpacking can result in extra baggage charges at the airport. Thus pro travelers always follow a careful planning while packing for a trip.

Here are some crucial tips on packing straight from the pros.

Consider the climate and duration

Be mindful of the climate of the destination and your travel duration before you start to pack. There is no point in carrying six tops if you are traveling for just four days. Also, your shorts would be of no use if you are setting out for a ski holiday. Pack those stuff that you are 80{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc} likely to use.

Make a checklist

Before you start stacking your jeans in your suitcase, make a checklist. You should have a complete idea beforehand on what to carry and what to not. Create the list at least couple of hours before you start the actual packing. Make separate list for clothes, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, medications, toiletries and so on. Also define how many bags you will need to carry. Creating the list beforehand will offer you the window for shopping the necessary things you will have to carry on the tour.

Just 2 pairs of shoes

You don’t need to empty your entire shoe rack for your holiday. You are not going to walk on ramp for a footwear designer. Just carry one pair of sneakers/flip flops and one stiletto. If it’s a winter destination, a pair of comfortable boots would be good instead of stiletto.

Get special wine carrier for wine

Please do not carry wine in your normal cabin or check-in baggage. Wine bottles demand special padding to prevent risks of damage while traveling. Pros advise going for insulated wine totes or wine check-in suitcase while you are carrying wines on your trip.

Don’t fold but roll

Do not fold your clothes inside the baggage. Folding takes a lot of space. Rather, it’s smarter and more space-saving to roll the garments inside your luggage.

Carry clothes with versatile use

Focus on clothes with versatile use. For example, pack a top that can be worn both with a skirt or jeans. On the hand, choose solid colored jeans like black or blue that can be paired with almost any top.

Carry your valuables in cabin luggage

You must carry your valuables with you always- right from the time you land at the airport till you get back to your home after the tour. These include:

  • Wallet
  • Visa documents (if any)
  • Passport
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Ticket
  • Hotel reservation print-out
  • ID proof documents

Your cabin luggage must also contain a top or shirt to sustain you in case of emergency.

Final words

Don’t forget to weight your luggage before you set out for the airport. You have to ensure they are within the required weight limit.

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