Would you like to have a holiday residence in the Beverly Hills of Pattaya? Then Pratumnak Hill is the right choice for you. Here, you can find many sumptuous residences and exclusive luxurious beach villas. The place is also characterized by its apartment complexes, so called condominiums. Would you like to be close to everything interesting in Pattaya but not exactly in the middle of it? Pratumnak is then the right choice for you. In recent years Pratumnak has gained popularity because of its more natural environment, nicer beaches, and perfect location. Located between southern Pattaya and Jomtien, you can reach both downtowns in about five minutes!

Why should you choose Pratumnak?

The first and probably most important reason is the access to the most amazing beaches in the whole area. Clear sea and beautiful beaches are ideal for swimming, relaxation, sports, and fishing.

Pratumnak residents also have all entertainment options at their fingertips. You can play a game of golf or take children to a Pattaya park with various attractions. The Pattaya Park spreads across the Pratumnak Hill and consists of many interesting attractions. Most notable are the water world Pattaya Water Park or the amusement park Pattaya Fun Park. In the water world, you can enjoy many slides, toboggans, whirlpools and even a piece of a private beach. The amusement park is a small Tivoli, with diverse attractions such as Freefall tower, first of its kind in whole Thailand.

Here are our tips for various visits in the Pratumnak area:

Buddhists will certainly appreciate visiting the enormous, 18-metre tall statue of Big Buddha located in the temple WatPhraYaion the top of Pratumnak Hill. Temple itself was built in the 1940s. At that time, Pattaya was a mere fishing village. This sight is massively popular with both tourists who enjoy seeing the complex design of the statue and the temple complex and locals who enjoy praying in the temple. Last but not least, the temple pavilion hall has a beautifully painted mosaic on its walls. You are also offered a magnificent view of Jomtien beach.

Big Buddha, Pratumnak Hill, source:

If you are interested in more beautiful views of this beautiful area, we recommend going for lunch or dinner to one of the three revolving restaurants in the Pattaya Park Tower, the highest seaside tower. Observation deck gives you a beautiful view of the Jomtien Bay and the whole of Pattaya city. There are also some activities for daredevils like cable riding from the top of the tower! The great and tasty cuisine is guaranteed, of course!

You should try Thai cuisine!

Most of Thai cuisine is focused on light dishes that are prepared with some strong aromatic spices. The dish can also get pretty hot if you’re a fan of really spicy goodness. The cuisine is renowned for its complex structure which is built by some four to five fundamental tastes in each dish or during the whole feast – sweet, sour, bitter, salty and, of course, spicy. One of Thai cooking principles is to reject simplicity and embrace complexity and mixing interesting tastes to create a harmonious meal. It also takes pride in paying attention to small details (texture, color, arrangement) and the use of ingredients that are medically beneficial for you, in addition to great flavor.

Let’s go to the promenade!

Once the sun sets and air gets a bit cooler, you can take a walk on a few kilometers long promenade. You can also go for a nice jog in the evening. Exercising while admiring a wonderful sea-view is a treat you can enjoy every single day.

Although Pratumnak is quieter than other parts of the city, which is ideal for families with children, there are still many clubs and bars where you can have fun and experience the real Thai nightlife. You can start in the late afternoon in some of many restaurants or bars, you’re on holiday after all! Given the usual price for alcohol in Thailand, you can really party without thinking too much about spending. Even if you like your international brands and bottles, don’t worry, they can still be cheaper than you’re used to! We’ve also got you covered if you are looking for regular refreshing beverages or isotonic drinks.

Holiday residence in one of the most beautiful areas of Pattaya!

All of you looking for your holiday oasis, where you’ll spend all your free time, can choose from a lot of offers starting with small condos and ending with luxurious condos in Pratumnak. First steps of your dream holiday begin here…