Key Characteristics of tubi 60 that Make it the Best


Tubi 60 is an all-natural spirit made of herbal ingredients. It stands out for its fresh and clean flavor and its versatility. It’s so versatile, you can take it as a simple shot or blend it with any cocktail, without it losing its own essence.

There are so many reasons why tubi 60 has become a popular spirit. Explore some of its key characteristics.

Tubi 60 is an Alcoholic Drink

Tubi 60 is an alcoholic drink with 40{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc} alcohol content. It sets the perfect balance between its natural ingredients and the alcohol. It contains natural ingredients such citrus and ginger that provide it’s fresh and tart flavor. Despite having alcohol, tubi 60 has an effect that’s different from other alcoholic beverages.

A No-Hangover Drink

Even when tubi 60 is an alcoholic drink, it doesn’t give you a hangover. This makes it a unique spirit. This characteristic comes from its all-natural ingredients. You can enjoy its great flavor all night without having to worry waking up with a headache and hangover in the morning. With it said remember it is still an alcohol drink so remember to drink responsibly.

Versatility is another characteristic that makes tubi 60 a great spirit. It can be enjoyed all on its own with ice and sparkling water or with any other beverage. You can even add fruits to take the euphoric experience to another level. It is also free of any kind of hallucinating effects. Most of the other alcoholic drinks are notorious for creating hallucinations.

Tubi 60 rumor

Tubi 60 is made using a variety of local herbs and spices native to the Mediterranean region. Unlike the rumors that claim that it contain Khat-it does not.

Only Natural Ingredients

As already mentioned, tubi 60 has an all-natural ingredients list comprising of citrus fruits and spices which are native to Israel. Its characteristic citrus color gives a great impression of its rawness and purity. Some of the key ingredients and extracts are sourced from herbs, citrus elements, trees, flowers, and spices including mint, ginger, turmeric, saffron, gingseng and cumin.

The spirit is carefully formulated and distilled to create a rich and well-balanced, fresh and clean taste that creates a positive feel. Its flavor and effect has been called euphoric. It is not just refreshing, tubi 60 is also uplifting at the same time. Its scintillating effect has also been referred to as “pure happiness.” It is a highly versatile spirit and can be enjoyed with other cocktails. If you want to get the best ‘feel’ out of it, it is highly recommended to savor it on its own, using basic mixers.