5 Out of the box things I can find online

Beware, for the internet is dark and full of strange things and among those there are some uniquely quirky things I have found that inspired me to make this list. These products are not just quirky but will also prove to be very useful in your daily life. Now, let the Phoebe in you shine and prepare yourself as we are going to dive into an unconventional world.

  1. Watermelon Pouch 

Yes, you read it right. It is a watermelon and a pouch. Oh but wait, you can’t eat the watermelon because it is supposed to hold your things. Weird, right? But it is also very unique and would make for a perfect gift to give to that quirky friend of yours. Or better yet, keep it for yourself and make your friends jealous. Here.

  1. Dumbbell Bottle

You know the feeling when even the mere thought of working out makes you thirsty? Well, I have found a product that is designed to do the exact opposite. Pick up this Dumbbell water Bottle and build your muscles while remaining hydrated all the time. Who thought that drinking water could be so fun? Get it now from Bigsmall! This makes for a perfect Rakhi Gift for Sister too.

  1. Cacti Coasters 

Is it a plant? Is it Cactus? Or is it a Coaster tree? What if it’s all of those? Wouldn’t that be a cool thing to own? The answer is, yes! Cacti will hurt no more but instead protect your precious furniture from getting ruined. The Cactus Coasters will elevate the beauty of your home or office or wherever you place it. A unique item for the unique person you are. Get it from Etsy.

  1. Golf Coffee Mug

Who thought drinking coffee could be such a great sport? If you’re ever getting bored or sleepy, fear not. Make yourself some coffee, pour it into this cup and drink it to chase the sleepiness away. At the same time, you can play with this beautiful golf set and improve your game like you’ve always wanted. Buy it and putt­ all your worries away.

  1. Shark Cat Bed

That’s a cat in a shark, a sight no one has seen before. But worry not; your cat is safe inside the shark’s mouth. It’s probably sleeping soundly. Now you can tell your friends that sharks and cats can be friends and if they don’t believe you, just show them the Shark Cat Bed you own! Oh, you don’t have it yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get it! Don’t miss this chance of impressing your friends.

What a thrilling ride, huh? Don’t think too much and just get yourself one of these out of the box things!