Learn How to Avail Sunway Holidays

Learn How to Avail Sunway Holidays

It is already a common practice for everyone to travel when holidays come. Is this also your plan? So, where are you headed this time? Do you want to have a taste of Europe? If that is the case, you can avail of one of the packages offered by Sunway. That is right, Sunway has a number of Sunway holidays offered and you can check for them in their official page. There you will everything about them, their catered destinations and the details of their packages. You will be surprised of how they are trying to come up with deals tourists can say no to.

Here are some pointers you can check though if ever problems will arise after booking with Sunway:

  • If ever you have already booked for your trip and there are changes you want to make, you should be the one to send notification to admin@sunway.ie.
  • Your travel allowance will range from 15 to 20 kilos. However this will still depend on the airline you travel with. You will see this notification in e-ticket anyway. You can also check if there are perks offered by Sunway about checked baggage allowance.Image result for Let Sunway Bring You to Gran Canaria
  • If you will bring an infant with you, know that he does not have any baggage allowance. He will be assumed as part of the full paying person’s baggage allowance.
  • Transfers are only available when you avail of the packages of Sunway that is headed to any European destinations. However, there is a representative for all charter destinations. But if you only book for flights or maybe DIY holidays, then transfers as well as representatives are not part of the deal.
  • Your tickets will be sent to you via your email 10 days before your scheduled departure. However you will only receive it once full payment is made.
  • If you can’t see your e-ticket in your inbox, you should check all the folders in your email as the system might have assumed this as junk or spam because it contains many numbers. However, if it is really not received, then you should send an email right away to Sunway or call 01 2311800.

For a stress free vacation, you should have your flight booked with Sunway. They can cover you wherever your destination will be. You can also avail one of their provided packages as they have the best accommodations prepared for you.


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