Must visit places in Japan

Japan is famous for its ambience, landscapes, and technology. Every year a large number of tourists visit this country to spend their holidays. Many people consider japan travel is the best thing that they have experienced in their life. There are many travel companies which provide all japan tours of the entire country at an affordable price. So if you are thinking of visiting the land of rising sun, then you can consider following places to visit.

Mt. Fuji: Mt. Fuji is the highest peak in entire Japan. Its peak is located at the height of 12388 ft. above the sea level. Its peak is always covered with dense snow. It is a conical shaped mountain which attracts many tourists to visit Japan. The view of Mt. Fuji in itself is breath taking. It is the symbol of Japan and over 200000 thrill seekers every year climbs this peak.Image result for Must visit places in Japan

Nachi falls: Nachi falls are the tallest waterfalls that you can see in Japan. Anyone can easily see these falls even from the sea shores of the pacific oceans. Many shrines and temples are also located near to the waterfall. People believe that the water fall is sacred and it makes the surrounding land also sacred. Many people visit the shrines that are located near to the waterfall.

Happo-ike pond: This pond is located near to the northern Japan Alps. When the water of the pond is still, you can see a mirror like image of these alps reflecting from the pond water.

ZaoOnsen Ski resort: ZaoOnsen ski resort is a great place to have some fun. This resort is loaded with many activities such as skiing on snow, riding the cable cars, and famous snow monster show which kids will definitely love to watch. This entire resort is located on six mountains peak which are always covered with snow throughout the year.