The hidden secrets of Morrocco with local guides

The hidden secrets of Morrocco with local guides

Has life become very dull and you cannot think anymore? Get some splash of color back in your life. Travel,let’sgo. And yes explore all the Blues, Green, Reds and the Turquoise.

Look for a local guide

If you wish to visit Morrocco and explore, do it from an eye of a local travel guide. Buying a tour or other service from the local guides is basically an exchange of cultural and testament to have an authentic and genuine Moroccan experience. You can look or find local guides in Morrocco by visiting Their deep and intense knowledge of various things in Morocco allowssuggesting infinite and great variety of customized trips! They will allow you have fun by visiting the most wonderful and adventurous places.

Great suggestions by local guides

Travelling with the local Moroccan guide is a confirmation that you will relish high quality services and you will get the perfect advice about the best place to eat, where to visit. Moreover, you may also enjoy and explore the Moroccan cooking classes with moroccan family.


Exploring the culture discoveryof the city leads to enjoy an awesome experience.

The wonderful city of Fes, these days identified as the name of World Best Heritage site. It is full packed of culture and vibrancy. Particularly, the Fes el-Bali is value a visit in this amazing city. Fes el-Bali is the amazing area of the city that most excellent shows of the popular maze of city such as warren of streets. It is well value paying a local guide to show you all the things and providing you some information of the area’s history, not to discuss that you should keep away from getting lost!


Varied terrain of Morocco provides lot opportunities to trekkers who wish to see the natural wonders of country on foot. Different kinds of tours and guides are available, from hikes lonely to trips organized with the National Tourist OfficeMoroccan, to back horse rides throughout the Atlas Mountains. Camping treks overnight are even to be had, comprehensive with mules and guide, so get ready for your camping tools if it is in your journey.


Bathing, diving, swimming activities are available at different towns. These contain Agadir, El Jadida, Essaouira and Safi. To Mediterranean coast provides resorts such as the one at Cabonegro where facilities of diving and swimming are being extensively developed there, cashing in on the annual influx of visitors and tourists.

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