Now is The Time tohavea tour to the Maldives

Now is The Time tohavea tour to the Maldives

The Maldives

We create anarray of packages based on your preferences, and our Destination Specialists will help you find the perfect destination for your holiday. The Maldives has been the epitome of natural rehabilitation therapy for years. It is more than just an island. This year around Eid holiday packages in Maldives are the most awaited and looked forward to, for the special services and deals each resorts puts out.

Luxuries and Fun

We guarantee you the best offers from world-renowned 5 star resorts at unbeatable prices. Our Destination Specialists will guide you through an adventure worth taking.Family and social gatherings during Eidare splendid if done on the beautiful Maldives. Lose yourself in the barefoot luxuries and slow life in the pristine sands of the Maldivian beaches. Dine with us under the moonlight and experience a varied range of water adventures, including the underwater ones. Maldives holiday packages include 2nights three days, 4 nights 5 days and many more special deals.

Boring? No Never!

If you think spending time on an isolated island is boring, then you are very much mistaken. The resorts are full of adventurous attractions, gorgeous décor and the blue hues set off just the right vibe. Underwater restaurants, under water museums, adult and kids water parks are all just some of the amenities offered by the resorts. It is a wrong notion amongst people that these villas get over crowded and privacy is an issue. Each resort takes special care in ensuring all guests are looked after and have the utmost privacy during their stay. All villa both beach and water villas are peaceful and spacious and as always letting you enjoy your getaway with your loved ones. Only work and no play is not healthy at all. Plan a holiday to the top-class resorts and villas with us on the mystical island of the Maldives.

Luxuries, Spas and Delicious Food!

There is a varied range of spas and massages that you can choose from and villas equipped with all the essentials needed to pamper oneself in this tropical island. The resort spas will help you be one with the tropical island and open the third eye to nature’s elements. It acts as a healing therapy and will help you recharge your energy after a day packed with intense tropical adventures. They will help you relax both your body and mind. Gourmet meals put together by excellent chefs are a must-have during your stay. You also get an opportunity to dine under the moonlight on the sandy beaches of this exotic island. We at OV Holidays take care of your personal preferences and provide you with the best services available.


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