Peru’s Ayahuasca Industry for connecting to natural world

Many of us although dwelling in the modern world, have always been fascinated by the thought of connecting to the other world. It seems an implausible idea to many practical people but it is possible as life exists beyond logic and science. Nowadays the world has become so competitive that stress, depression and dejection have become commonplace among the participants of the rat race.  The name ayahuasca has evolved in the modern world as a natural cure for mental and physical problems.  In fact, there are ayahuasca retreats which attract a large number of people for this therapy.

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Ayahuasca is a plant potion prepared from the banisteropsis caapi vine and chacruna shrubs. The tribes of the Amazon basin in Peru have used this magical brew in spiritual and religious rituals since centuries. In fact, each and every group has a plant healer or a shaman who leads the ceremony and drinks the tea to communicate with the spirit world. Many expert leaders claim to drink this brew to be able to communicate with the plant spirits in order to diagnose the ailment of the participants. Peter Gorman is a noted and award winning journalist who knows quite a bit about ayahuasca and has even two best sellers to his credit. He has extensively researched and worked on this very popular plant medicine for a long period of almost three decades.

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As the ayahuasca experience is quite unique and time consuming and may have different psychosomatic and psychological impact, it’s very imperative to choose an experienced and most importantly ethical ritual guide. Many people feel depressed and bogged down with the pressures of life and look for a healing experience.  This sacred ayahuasca plant brew is going to take away all your troubles and set you on a road of healing process. The Centre of ANCESTRAL amazonian medicine «Moyano» retreats have become extremely important tourist locales because of the booming ayahuasca tourism.  The ayahuasca plant produces a hallucinatory and often traumatic experience for some so it is important to abide by the rules and take the drink in the presence of an experienced shaman. Vomiting and diarrhea often occur during the first hour of the intake but is considered a part of the healing journey. A good retreat has experienced medical team and trained translators to help communicate with the shamans. It cures physical ailments like cancer and rheumatism and also helps in emotional problems like anxiety attacks and depression. According to the Ayahuasca Defense Fund, legal and medical professionals are doing all they can to ensure the safe and practical usage of this medical brew.