Photography Adventures in Myanmar

Myanmar undoubtedly is now one of the hottest countries for a photography travel. This country offers endless photogenic chances for both professional and amateur photographer who wants to challenge their camera skills.
This article will help you to find out the top inspiration for landscape and portraits photos.

Iconic Myanmar Landscapes

The most famous photo scene of Myanmar is pagoda. The country has thousands of pagodas and temples, amongst them Bagan plain which is filled by over 2000 stupas is the most worthy site. Bagan is probably the best place in Asia to spot sunset while sunrise with Balloon ride is simply amazing. It is said that if you visit Myanmar without seeing Bagan, your trip seems to be incomplete.
Another pagoda that you should not miss for your photography travel is Shwedagon. It is located in busy Yangon city, boasting impressive structure and dominating the skyline by its golden spires.
Mandalay is also a beautiful area to start your photo tour. The area has ancient capitals, wide range of Buddhism relics and imperial heritages which reflects Burma kingdom in the old day. There are many Mandalay Tours which afford endless photogenic
Shan state is a very picturesque area to test your camera lens. The rolling hill of Kalaw is offering chances to capture tea plantation, British Colonial villas and Inle Lake showcases fascinating unique lake culture.

Journeys for Portraits photos

The friendly local is the premier source for your photos and this thing is abundant in Myanmar. Photographers are mostly welcomed in all villages and cities for portrait shooting.
The very first place that you should include in a Myanmar Photo Adventure which focuses on portrait is Inle Lake. Beside the famous Inthar fishermen who control the boat by one leg, Inle is also home to many different hill tribes with distinguished cultures: Pa-O, Palaung.
Chin State is a truly astonishing area that worth all effort for a bumpy road journey as you will see Chin hill tribes who used to have the tradition to tattoo their face.
Those who want to take a styled story photos should travel to Kawthaung and meet the friendly Gypsies. Their isolated life linking mostly to the sea features the endless potentials for great portrait shoots.

Photogenic Festivals

Celebrating traditional festival means you will live in culture and photograph the best moment that Myanmar has to offer. In almost every month, you will find either Buddhism festival or village fair. During these days, local people will wear the most colorful customs, attending the most exciting activities and exposes their distinctive rites like no other.
Make sure you reserve hotel or Burma Tour Packages during the festival time since they are often fully booked.