Questions you must ask from yourself before renting a limo

You are probably reading this writeup because you have never rented a limo before. Well, limo rentals Toronto is very exciting but to make the most of it, you must ask the below mentioned questions from yourself before taking the final decision. These questions are applicable if it is a prom, wedding, airport transfer or for any other purpose.

  1. Can I drink inside the limo?

Well, according to the law, you are not allowed to drink inside the limo as long as it is on the road. Such act falls into the category of street drinking. However, if the respective limo service provider has a liquor license, the rule is exempted.

  1. What is the appearance inside the limo?

In a nutshell, limo is a luxury car that comes some special features. There are different limos with different interior settings that suit different situations. In general, limos have leather seats, lights, digital screen as well as a mini fridge as basic features.

  1. Is the back of the car totally private?

Pretty much all the limos come with a privacy window. This is often called privacy barrier. When the window is closed, the back of the car is completely enclosed so the driver won’t be able to see or hear a thing.

  1. What can I bring inside a limo?

There is no hard and fast rule about the stuff you can take inside a limo. You can even get drinks and snacks inside the limo.

  1. What is the occupant capacity of a limo?

Most of the limos are capable of accommodating at least 8 individuals comfortably. However, some of the limos can accommodate around 18 individuals. What you must strictly remember is that you cannot overload limos due to any reason.

  1. Is it possible to leave the belongings inside the limo you rent?

Yes, leaving the personal belongings on the limo is completely OK. Because, limo drivers are trained to provide a professional service and protecting your personal belongings is one of their duties. So, don’t worry about it.

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Aniket Singh - IIT Madras, Apple Inc

By Aniket Singh - IIT Madras, Apple Inc

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