Why Paris Walking Tour with Guides will make you fall in Love with the City

Why Paris Walking Tour with Guides will make you fall in Love with the City

From books to movies, Paris is the dream city that no one wants to miss. But you will be surprised to note that the golden bells, cathedrals and hospitable Parisians are all true. Yes, right at the heart of the city waiting for you to explore. And, there is no better way to explore the treasure than a walking Paris tourwith local guides.

Experience the Enthralling History of Gare Montparnasse District

Gare Montparnasse is full of architectural gems that will leave you wanting more. Every corner, there is a surprise waiting for you. Starting with Notre-Dame-du-Travail church that is designed with cast iron interior to the breathtaking Échelles du Baroqueresidential complex, this tour will be unforgettable.

Other impressive features include the famous Jardin Atlantique located at the foot of Jean Dubuisson’s emblematic building, a picturesque classic architecture of the 1960s. Go ahead and capture every moment on your camera to show your family and friends back home.

A Walk to China and Back in the Heart of Paris

You got it right.  The Chinese Belleville is the perfect place to experience the Chinese culture in the heart of Paris. Those lobes that you have seen in movies such as Kung Fu are not myths. They are all here in the Chinese Belleville. The Paris Tour guide, who is fluent in Mandarin, will make you feel like you are downtown Shanghai.

Take some moment to learn about the history of Chinese both in Paris and back in China. This will also be a great opportunity to sample their food and beverages. And guess what? Prepare for a huge culture shock during the Paris tours with local guides.

Get the Feeling of Romantic Paris with a Midnight Movie

This part of the Paris Tour with local guides will help you to explore Paris’s Latin Quarter and discover impressive locations that Woody Allen used for his famous movie, the Midnight in Paris. The tour will thrust you back in time in the roaring 1920s that went by the name, crazy years.

You will have the chance to meet artists who lived in Paris at that time. What a golden opportunity to meet Cole Porter, F. Scott, Zelda, Pablo Picasso, and many others. Juliette will also share more about the neighborhood. You cannot afford to miss this!

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