Serviced Apartment versus Hotel – Which is best?

When visiting another city, why not enjoy the comfort of having your own temporary home with all the amenities for a relaxing and comfortable stay. There are many advantages of staying in a holiday apartment during your city trip.

So let us start with one of the main differences between a hotel and an apartment, and depending on how much you like cooking also one real advantage.

Most of the apartments don’t offer you any kind of food but instead a fully equipped kitchen for self-cooking. And this can really be very comfortable. No dining hours, no breakfast served from-to, completely free of all of them, just your own choice when and what to eat.

And this also gives you the chance to taste all the delicious local specialties. For example in Vienna. Stroll around at markets like Naschmarkt, Brunnenmarkt or Karmelitermarkt. Buy all those mouthwatering things and enjoy them at your apartment together with a fine glass of Viennese wine. Doesn’t this sound gorgeous for you?

So you can really experience a city like a local and if you really do not want to cook, then you have lots of restaurants and cafes in a city to try and enjoy.

Another point is surely the size of the accommodation. Normally in a hotel you have one room and that’s it. If you have a look for example at most of the offered apartments, then you always have at least a separate bedroom and a further room. Means, you really have the space to retreat yourself.

Another sympathetic advantage is the more personal service and contact with your host. Do you want to make an excursion but don’t know how to get there? Want to spend the evening in the opera but need to book the tickets? Want to try out a good restaurant? Just ask your host, and he will help you with his insider knowledge.

To make it short. Staying in an (serviced) apartment gives you the possibility to explore a city (in our case Vienna) from a much more individual and more familiar point of view. And you get your very own home away from home.

This article was contributed by Stephanie Rank who runs together with her husband Christian the Appartements Ferchergasse, serviced apartments in Vienna, Austria.