Travel insurance for Australian Seniors- an Affordable Option for Old People

Travel insurance for Australian Seniors- an Affordable Option for Old People

Traveling overseas may put your wallet under strain due to unforeseen medical and non-medical expenses. Therefore travel insurance is a must.

Further to recent data, a lot of seniors from Australia are traveling out on holiday trips. Some have their own holiday homes and others are finding a retreat at exquisite resorts. Australian seniors may find themselves covered for free, but limited, medical facilities if they are travelling to countries that have a Reciprocal Health Care Agreements. However, such countries are very few in numbers and that too with free coverage for select medical conditions. Whether you are off to a long trip or a short travel overseas, get a travel insurance toprepareyourself for any medical or financial emergency. Many countries have even mandated travel insurance for seniors as a part of applying for a visa.

While choosing a travel insurance seniors Australia, it is always advisable to opt for a comprehensive plan.  A comprehensive travel insurance plan includes a range of benefits and you can easily find one, tailor made for senior citizen once you go online/ web searching. However, a word of caution! Do read coverage details and corresponding terms and conditions thoroughly. The coverage details will help you understand what events are covered and, terms and conditions will tell you under what circumstances of a particular event, the insurance claim is settled or denied. You may not have to undergo pre-policy medical checkup, however if you opt for higher coverage limits, a pre-policy medical checkup is called for.

Being senior citizens, having somewhat volatile health conditions for their age, require at least the following medical and non-medical benefits to help them travel convenient. However, you may opt for additional riders.

  • Coverage for Medical expenses and medical evacuation – This coverage offers you required medical care should you fall ill during traveling. Medical evacuation is also a critical benefit as you would be evacuation to a proper medical center from a remote area having no or limited medical facilities.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment – It covers for death or disability due to accident while traveling.
  • Dental Coverage – Expenses are covered for dental sickness during a trip.
  • Repatriation – If a person dies due to illness/ accident covered under the travel insurance policy, it allows the mortal remains of the plan holder to be brought back to the home country and expenses are covered.
  • Personal Liability–It covers the legal liability towards third party in the event of  death or injury to the third party.
  • Delayed or Loss of Checked-in Baggage– Travel insurance will cover you on reimbursement basis up to the limits specified the necessary emergency purchase of essential commodities, in case of delayed baggage, also reimbursement for loss of baggage.
  • Loss of Passport – In the event of loss of passport, expenses to arrange necessary travel documents or new passport/ visa will be covered.
  • Emergency Cash –Following a theft/ burglary or pilferage of baggage or money, the travel insurance will cover you for emergency cash requirements under the plan.

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