Some popular places to visit in Podgorica, Montenegro

Located in the heart of Montenegro, Podgorica is the largest city and the country’s capital. The city is marked by a number of rivers weaving across it. Podgorica, being ruled and captured by many a rulers over centuries, has a blend of cultures. The architecture is mostly new with some old monuments beautiful enough to visit this city. The city is well planned and compact. It has a certain Mediterranean vibe to it.

Popular Sites

Moraca River

Moraca is a mountain river which runs deep. With its large rocks and cool temperature, it is a symbol of Podgorica. The clear, blue water of the river is breathtaking.  It has lush green banks, full of vegetation, changing colors during autumn. There are many caves sculpted by the Moraca on its 113 kilometer long path. The river runs from north into the Skadar lake in the south.

Moraca River Canyon

The Moraca river canyon is one attraction you do not want to miss when visiting Podgoria. The scenic vista of the canyon are sure to become one of the unforgettable memories. Tourists take a drive through the canyon to enjoy its beauty. If you like to hike, pack your gear and spare a day to explore this beauty of nature.

Waterfall Niagara

The Niagara waterfall, unlike the famous Niagara Falls at the US-Canada border, is not an overcrowded tourist spot. Having said that, it is in no way less becoming. Not far from the waterfall, there’s a Niagara restaurant where tourists like to enjoy a meal or a drink by the river.

Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja

This church has to be on every tourist’s list of places to visit. Located in the city center, it is big, white and impressive on the outside. It  is made out of local stone cut into large slabs with reliefs carved out of them. But wait till you go in. Unlike the humble exterior, the interior screams Gold! The grandeur of detailed artwork and gold paintings will leave you in awe. All that gold and non of it looks ostentatious. Locals can be seen visiting and kissing the bible before kissing the hands of Mother Mary.


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