4 Lakes That Will Floor You in Sri Lanka

For an island nation dotted with one pristine beach after another, Sri Lanka has its fair share of gorgeous lakes. The thrill for a true traveler, therefore, lies in going off the beaten path by prioritising one paradise that rests in the ancient reservoirs and lakes of the land over another that lies amidst the coastal sands. And when you will wake up, let’s say, at a cosy lake view hotel in Nuwara Eliya, and decide to take a walk by the lake Gregory, you’ll realize that you made the right decision.

History says that the ancient Sri Lankans mastered the art of constructing tanks (known as wevas), reservoirs and artificial lakes. Largely used for irrigational purposes, these water bodies are thousands of years old and major tourism hotspots. Here is a miniature guide to the most splendid lakes in Sri Lanka that you should visit:

Gregory Lake:

Location | Nuwara Eliya

Distance | 166 km from Colombo

Popular Attractions | Water sports, picnic by the lake

Accommodation | Yoho Upper Lake Road, LKR 7956 per night

A morning walk around Lake Gregory is something everyone travelling to Sri Lanka must experience. The misty lake is a hub of tourist activity with its boating, jet-ski and other adventure activities, and its stunning lakefront doesn’t seem different than a small English town from the Elizabethan era. Look up Yoho Bed for the best hotels in Nuwara Eliya near Gregory Lake.

Beira Lake:

Location | Colombo

Distance | Lies in Colombo

Popular Attractions | Boating, walkways, Water Temple

Accommodation | Yoho Justice Mawatha, Colombo 02, LKR 6426 per night

With mighty skyscrapers looming around the lake in the heart of Colombo, Beira Lake offers a unique escape from the urban hustle of the city. You can enjoy the shade under its lush trees, take a relaxing stroll on well-built walkways, cross the bridge to Lover’s Island, or find utter serenity at the Seema Malaka water temple dotted with Buddha statues.

Kandy Lake:

Location | Kandy

Distance | 136 km from Colombo

Popular Attractions | Temple of the Tooth

Accommodation | Yoho Residence Rajapihilla Mawatha, LKR 4437 per night

The Kandy Lake, also known as Bogambara Lake, is another of the ancient wonders of Kandy’s heritage. Situated next to the legendary Temple of the Tooth, Kandy Lake was built in 1807 and provides a scenic walk around its perimeter for those looking for quiet contemplation. You can also explore the nearby Malwatte Temple, Queens Bathing Pavilion, and the palm island in the centre.

The Lakes of Anuradhapura:

Location | Anuradhapura

Distance | 200 km from Colombo

Popular Attractions | Temples and stupas

Accommodation | Yoho Rowin Club Road, LKR 4896 per night

The ancient city of Anuradhapura houses many artificial lakes and tanks constructed thousands of years ago, the most famous ones being the Tissa Wewa and Nuwara Wewa. Once you’re done exploring the heritage of the city, these lakes provide a great spot to cool off in the sunset. You can also visit the mystical Isurumuniya Temple near Tissa Wewa, or stumble upon Toluwila Ruins near Nuwara Wewa.

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