Learn About Benidorm Festival

Did you ever get the chance to be the part of Benidorm festival? Do you want to know what this festival is all about? Benidorm is the town that is located in the Eastern part of Spain. This town has been much famous known for its nightlife where the festival by the name of “Benidorm Festival” is celebrated. This festival is celebrated as each single November month of the year. This festival is all accompanied by so many activities within it such as bullring as well as fancy dress parade as well as Religious exhibition. This whole festival comes to an end with the spectacular fireworks.

History of Benidorm Festival:

This festival is known out to be one of the major festivals that do take place every single year in Spain. It is celebrated as in the honor of the town’s patron Saints ‘la Virgen Del Sufragio’ and ‘San Jaime Apóstol’. The history of this fiesta is almost dated back to March 1740’s. It is quite a thought-provoking question why this festival is merely celebrated in the month of November and not in March. There is a reason behind it! In the year 1740 in the month of March, an unknown ship was washed away on the local shores because of the Storm. This led so many minds to the fear of having the infectious diseases spread all around, so the local Spain burnt the ship.

How does Benidorm Festival Celebration start?

The Benidorm fiesta does take place Friday in the November’s second week and does end up on Wednesday. From Friday to Wednesday, so many amazing activities become the part of this festival. In these activities, we would like to add up the names of Bull Chase, Religious activities, as well as despierta, and amazing Fancy dress, and finally, the festival ends with Fire Works.

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Let’s have a quick discussion about all the activities one by one:

  • The interesting BullRing activity does take place in the Old Town. This activity is one of the major parts of the festival and it does take place on the first day of the festival. You can freely participate in it, but you need to be at the age of 16 years old to make yourself registered.
  • The second day is meant for the religious festival. This religious exemption does contain many of sub exhibitions into it mentioned with the different kinds of paintings, sculptures, as well as photographs, and also the documentation.

There are many more events that are called out to be the part of this festival. Some of the most prominent activities that are held are a bull chase, as well as fancy dresses plus air bombing, musical concerts, and so many more activities for the kids. The activity of Mascletas is one of the most entertaining of them all. It is all about the loud firecrackers that are crack as randomly the whole day. It gives out the whole Spain with the breath-taking view with the amazing rhythmic sounds.

If you are visiting Spain in the month of November, then don’t miss out to be the part of this worthy festival!