The Best Routes for a Spain Road Trip

Anyone could drive for days throughout Spain without ever having a destination in mind, but in doing that, they would miss so many interesting and unique opportunities.  Therefore, it is always best if a person has a specific route in mind for their Spain road trip.  

Here are some of the best routes for a Spain road trip:

Ruta de la Plata Highway

This highway is quite similar to Route 66 in the United States and it is the second longest road in Spain.  A drive along this highway allows people to explore the Western region of Spain including the areas of Oviedo, Benavente, Zamora, Salamanca, Almendralejo, and Seville.

Costa da Morte

This route is lined with lighthouses that were built during the 19th century to guide the boats back to port.  Before those lighthouses were there, many fishermen were lost at sea, simply because they could not find their way home at night.  Near many of the lighthouses are deserted beaches that visitors can stretch out on during their breaks from driving.  Of course, no road trip is complete without delicious food and this route has numerous restaurants that serve delectable cuisine.  

Costa Brava

The coves can be seen from a car during the drive on this route, but for the best experience, people will want to get a little closer.  To reach some of the coves, people will need to venture through pine forests, while others are nearby medieval castles and fortresses.  A history lesson of Spain’s past and the views of the water are the best reasons to take this route for a Spain road trip.  

Vía del Cantábrico

This route takes some time to complete, but at the end a person will have explored the entire Northern section of Spain.  In between Basque Country and Galicia, there are hundreds of smaller villages amongst the larger cities.  While in Basque Country, it is recommended that people try at least one of the Michelin star restaurants as that region has the most of them in the country.  

These Spain road trips are lots of fun and can be filled with amazing memories.  Route Perfect is a great resource for people who are planning a Spain road trip in the future, so that they can take the road trip that is best for them.  Once all the planning is done and the trip begins, a person can then sit back, relax, and enjoy the view as they drive along the roads in Spain.