The best things to do in London this summer

Summer time is arguably the best season of the year. Especially in London. With parks aplenty, events left right and center and festivals popping up every day, it sure is good to be in London during the summer. Here are some of the best things to do in London this summer – Along with some things you didn’t know about London.

  1. London Gelato Festival

Although sunshine in England is a rarity, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. But a little bit of Italy in London is just what the summer needs. So if you’re stuck for something fun to do in London then get yourself down to the gelato festival and gorge on all the delicious Italian ice cream.

Ice-cream at Gelato Festival

  1. The Seagull at the Open Air Theatre

One of Chekhov’s most prominent plays is now ready to be seen in all its glory in the London outdoors. The Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park hosts various theatre showings over the summer, regardless of the weather, and this season they’re doing The Seagull among Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Lord of the Flies.

  1. Zoo Nights at London Zoo

The London Zoo is really popular during the day. But, during summer the zoo opens its doors at night and hosts various talks, comedy events and other festivities. You have to be 18+ to enter but it’s definitely fun to see how the animals are during the night.

Penguins at the London Zoo-

  1. Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market is definitely one of the best things to do in London. It’s where you’ve got the chance to find old treasures, buried antiques and a whole range of weird and wonderful gems from yesteryear.

Apartments along Portobello Market-  

  1. The Floating Cinema

Floating? Cinema? Yes, it’s true. The Floating Cinema takes place during the summer and consists of a 60ft boat hosting various cinematic events including talks and screenings. A little novelty goes a long way and this is perhaps one of the strangest things to do in London this summer…

  1. In the Woods

In the Woods is an intimate festival. It’s not as big as the other London festivals but that’s what makes it special. It’s got it all: entertainment, music, And the location of the festival isn’t released until a few days before which adds to the intrigue.

  1. Stroll through the London parks

London is known for its huge green parks. Whether it’s Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Battersea Park, Dulwich Park or even Ally Pally there’s a park for everyone. In fact, it’s entirely possible to galavant around all of these parks in one afternoon. Rowing is also a super fun thing to do in London thanks to the parks rivers! Ally Pally even has dragon boats!

Bench in Battersea Park-

  1. Smell the roses at Kew Gardens

It’s summer. That means the flowers are in full bloom and showing of their glory. So what better place to get your full of all things floral than at the Kew Gardens? It has the best display in London and is one of the best places in London to get your eyes on some roses.

  1. Free museums

London is full of culture and art. What’s brilliant is that all the museums in London are free (save for special exhibitions, of course). So if you’ve ever wanted to see works by Monet or Cézanne or some modern art in the Tate Modern, go – take an afternoon and get lost amongst the masterpieces. You won’t regret it.

-Museum in London-