The Charm and Beauty of Sunset during Dhow Cruise Marina

The sight of sunset is always mesmerizing. If often brings out the philosopher or a poet hidden in us. The sight of sunset, wherever in the world we are, always brings up the heartwarming and astonishing feelings. The value of the experience is doubled if you are surrounded by some glorious sights on a soothing and peaceful marina cruise.

It is one-of-a-kind experience in which you explore the beauty of nature in the most exciting manner. The cruise gracefully glides in the middle of the sea. The enchanting scenarios of water along the beautifully decorated creek of the Dubai make for some mesmerizing scenes. You can simply relax by sitting on the open deck and enjoy this captivating visuals.Image result for The Charm and Beauty of Sunset during Dhow Cruise Marina

Marina cruise allows you to spend some quality time with your loved ones either to enjoy your vacations or celebrate any occasion. Look out for the best packages from to enjoy this wonderful experience at the most economical rates. They are known to provide maximum features with rates as low as AED 140/ person (for a group of minimum 100 people).

For an even better experience, you can hire a special yacht for your family without you having to share them with strangers. [Name of the company] is offering rent a yacht Dubai services. Yachts in different sizes and with different features are available for the visitors to enjoy.

The yacht will take you on a soothing sunset cruise, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can enjoy this calm and peaceful experience with your loved ones having the most tempting and delicious food you will find anywhere in Dubai.

As your cruise take off around the Pal Jumeirah, you can witness the astonishing sceneries while enjoying some light soft drinks. The spellbinding moments you will experience on the cruise can be an ideal backdrop for celebrating some memorable events.

The dinner you will be served at the cruise will consist of an appetizer, salads, and the main course along with the desserts and unlimited tea, coffee, and water supply. The cuisine of the food will be pre-decided during the booking phase.

Do not forget to bring your DSLR camera or your smartphone with HD Camera to capture the fascinating moments you will witness in your journey. The memories you will take from this trip will stay with you for a lifetime.