Why Cruising is for Anyone, At Any Age

Why Cruising is for Anyone, At Any Age

With cruises shedding their past reputation as only catering for the older generation, they are fast becoming a prime holiday option for people of all ages and interests. The numbers say it all – in 2015, the passenger capacity of the global cruise industry reached 445,000 and it’s projected to rise to 521,000 by 2018.

So, why are so many people choosing cruise holidays?  There is now such a wide variety of cruises, offering enough activities to entertain everyone, from young children to grandparents.

If you’re looking for a cruise that caters for specific members of your family or friends, here are ones that cater for different demographics.Image result for Why Cruising is for Anyone, At Any Age

Keeping the Kids Entertained

Many cruises now have facilities that accommodate children on-board, with plenty of activities and kid’s clubs to keep their young passengers entertained. There are even cruises directly marketed for kids, like Disney and Princess cruises available to book.

For a cruise holiday that both parents and children can enjoy, cruises like the Royal Caribbean have developed a program to cater to kids of all ages, with activities for ages ranging from 3 to 14. Passengers aged 15 to 17 have a separate lounge, as well as their own parties and competitions.

Finding Adventure for Young Adults

A cruise is perfect for any adventurer who’s keen to explore a number of countries in one trip. There are rarely any holidays that can take you, for example, from Norway, to Iceland to Faroe Islands, all in one trip.

If young adults had any doubts about cruises shaking off its stuffy image, even hip music festival Coachella has taken to the seas, with SS Coachella making its maiden voyage in 2012. Opened by headliners, Pulp, it took cruise-goers on a round trip between Fort Lauderdale and Jamaica.

Embrace the cool new image of cruises and find a cruise that’s perfect for the adventurer in you – discover the array of destinations on offer with a holiday shop that specialises in cruises, like Bolsover Cruise Club.

Sticking with Tradition for Over-50s

Passengers over 50 years old can enjoy all the traditional aspects that cruise holidays have to offer. If you want to avoid crowds of young children or boisterous pool games, look for an option geared towards more traditional cruising, with formal nights, sit-down meals and entertainment aimed at an older audience.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and peaceful break, there are cruises that offers enrichment programmes themed around music, painting or wine appreciation, which often include guest lectures and themed excursions.

Whatever your age and whatever your interests, you can find a cruise that suits you. Whether you want fun, adventure or a relaxing break away – a cruise is a great option for everyone, regardless of age.



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