The reasons why you should consider Casa Particular when traveling to Cuba

The term casa particular is very well known in Cuba. The term is derived from Spanish which means private house (single form). In the plural, this term turns into casas particulares. Literally, the term refers to bed and breakfast as time goes by, often associated with ‘lodging’. In contrast to hotels, this type of lodging is more private because it is provided by “individuals or ordinary households”. A tenant may only rent one room in a household where he lives with “the original inhabitants”.

Perceived by a little sign on the entry in the shape of two blue triangles, casa particular is easily found in Havana, the capital of Cuba. Though small, this type of lodging offers what conventional hotels can’t provide, “the hospitality and nuances of Cuban everyday life”. In Havana we recommend Casa Particular Old Havana as the best way to enjoy authentic Havana hospitality.

If you are a traveler who really wants to throw himself into daily life in Cuba, then casa particular is the best choice. You will feel invited by your Cuban friend and we guarantee that the original Havana feel will fit into your memory and will not come out again. To note, not only in Havana, you can also find this form of lodging in other cities. For example, for a fun tropical holiday at an affordable cost, casa particular Trinidad is an option that can’t be missed. Not only Trinidad, Vinales also provides this friendly inn and casa particular Vinales is hard to ignore when you visit this beautiful city.

Compared to when you stay at a regular hotel, the cost that you spend to stay at “this family inn” is cheaper. If you are a backpacker, we hope this article will be very helpful and inspiring.