Things to see on a Komodo Island Cruise

The highlight of your stay at the Ayana Labuan Bajo, will definitely be the experience of their Komodo Island cruise. You can choose to experience a day long cruise or a three day cruise. Any choice you make will offer you the opportunity to explore and see the ocean and numerous islands from a new perspective and to visit one of the most rare and largest land reptile only found in Indonesia the Komodo dragon that also aptly names the island.

Snorkeling in the ocean

The ocean around the Bali islands is protected. As a result, it is very clean and clear, a sign of its untainted purity and testament to the locals commitment to protect it as a source of their livelihood and as a major tourist attraction into their country.

One of the highlight activities of the cruise is that you get an opportunity to snorkel in the ocean. The clean ocean presents spots that are clear and apt for a dive with your snorkel. A photo opportunity in the snorkeling spots will show the beautiful blue and green hues of the ocean and will be a lingering experience.

Bats at sunset

Bats are the most popular of nocturnal animals. In and around the Komodo Island, are numerous caves that are home to bats during the day. At night, they come out in search of food. Their coming out of the caves is an experience you can never forget and you get to experience it firsthand during a cruise around the Komodo Island.

At sunset, as the sun sets and its light dims, thousands and thousands of bats leave their caves and fill the sky. The sound of their wings and their squeals is all you can hear in the air as they wake up famished rushing in search of food. This is an awesome view and experience that will be hard to find or replicate in any other part of the world.

Visiting the Komodo dragons park

Another unique thrill that you get to experience during this cruise is a visit to the park of the endangered, largest land reptile the Rinca Komodo Park. The Komodo is a member of the lizard family and the largest ever land reptile. It is quite aggressive and as a result it was given the name dragon. They are popularly known as Komodo dragons.

Only found in this area worldwide, it lends its name to the island and the surrounding areas.

As a visitor to the park, you will always be accompanied by a ranger for your safety and protection.

Visit the unique and beautiful Padar Island

Padar Island is a unique and beautiful island just a few miles from the hotel. Its beauty and uniqueness lies in the fact that it has green capped mountain ranges that you can get to hike and grab a spectacular view of the land and ocean below and around the island.

In addition, it is surrounded by three bright turquoise bays with sandy beaches of different colors. One of bays has black sand, another has white sand and yet another has rare pink sand. There are less than ten beaches around the world with pink sand and therefore this cruise around the Komodo Island allows you to explore nature and its unique sights to its fullness.

The pink beaches are beautiful and are ideal for romantic picnic lunches and intimate ceremonies such as weddings.

In the ocean around the island, you will get to see a diverse array of marine life. The waters of Padar Island are host to sharks, dolphins, manta ray fish and numerous reptiles.

Fishing Village

Komodo Island cruise will lead you to Mesa Island. This island is a fishing village stuck in a past time and untainted by modernity. With a population of about 1,500 people, fishing is their main source of livelihood.

They are friendly and will guide you around their small fishing village they call home.

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