First time Visiting Rome? How Tourist Attractions Maps, Metro Maps, Walking Maps Helps

Rome is one of the world’s most fascinating and historic cities. It is extremely famous for its rich heritage and beautifully constructed buildings. There are many magnificent monuments to see and a number of shopping areas and tourist spots worth visiting. Also, no other city can beat the food and wine served here.

The population is around 4 million and the city experiences hot summers and mild winters. Usually, there is no bad time to visit this amazing capital city of Italy, but tourists prefer going there between November and February. In all, Rome is a perfect destination for your next vacation.

Now, you must have definitely heard the phrase – When in Rome, do as Romans do… So, while you are there, why not explore the city on your own, rather than depending on a tour guide. If you think that it will turn out more expensive and time consuming, then you will be happy to know that you are wrong.

With the right type of maps and guidebooks, you can enjoy this historic city to the fullest, and that too by spending less. Not only you will be able to plan a trip well, but even avoid going to places which don’t interest you. Let’s see how easy it gets to see the city of Rome with maps and guidebooks in hand…

How helpful are the Rome tourist maps and guidebooks?

On arrival

Probably you will arrive at the Fiumicino Airport (AKA Leonardo da Vinci). Now, with the right map in hand, you can easily enter the city by either taking a shuttle or a train. A shuttle will take you right to your destination, but via a train, you will be able to go to the main station of Rome – Stazione Termini. The city is very accessible as soon as you get off at Stazione Termini, and so you can easily get to your accommodation.

Travelling within the city:

You will find that taxis are extremely comfortable to travel from the airport to the city, however, they are pretty expensive to move around in the city. Nevertheless, if you have to take a cab, make sure it is an official one and the meter is running. With the help of a map, you will be able to locate taxi ranks and thus get one easily.

If taxi is not your thing, you can always travel by metros. They are fast and its route is easy to understand with the help of a metro map. From a metro map, you will learn that there are two lines – A and B. Now, simply look for the stops which are nearest to the attractions you want to visit and board a metro accordingly.

Next, you will also find numerous buses in the city. You can take a map from the tourist information office and check the different routes of different buses. In Rome, buses run all day long up to midnight. Also, there are night buses, in case you were out till late.

Furthermore, if you want to travel long distances to explore the city, you can always rent a moped. This is an extremely popular way of travelling in Rome, and there is no need to say how exciting it is. Just have a perfect road map of Rome with you and you are good to go.

Lastly, you can always rely on your feet to explore the surrounding areas of the city. if you are able to understand the maps well, you can walk small distances and visit the attractions nearby. This is an amazing experience and you must at least walk through the streets of Rome once during your visit.

Lastly, don’t just depend on the city maps but get one or two good guidebooks too. They have all the details of tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc. and thus, you will know well in advance about what to expect and what not. Visit to know more about Rome tours, and tourist maps.