Burleigh Travel  – Cricket Tours 2019


If you and your cricket team are now considering cricket tours for 2019, the great news is that there is an amazing UK based company to assist you – Burleigh Travel.


Burleigh Travel are leading sports tours providers in the UK, offering a wide range of sports tours but renowned for their fantastic cricket tours that are available to a wide range of worldwide destinations, and today we are going to be looking into why they are best, encouraging even more cricket teams to choose the UK’s greatest sports tour provider! Here goes…



What Makes Burleigh Travel the Greatest Cricket Tour provider?


·         Burleigh Travel have over twenty five years’ experience in organising cricket tours and can therefore organise cricket tours that are nothing short of perfect.

·         A number of the Burleigh Travel team either have played or currently play cricket meaning that they are able to organise cricket tours to a high level and even fore highly experienced teams.

·         Burleigh travel can organise cricket tours for all levels of sports teams, including school and infant teams.

·         Burleigh Travel are specialist cricket tour organisers, able to organise cricket tours to a wide range of worldwide destinations including but by no means limited to Holland, Malta, Barbados, Australia and South Africa.

·         Burleigh Travel are able to provide bespoke cricket tours tailored to meet teams’ exact needs and requirements.

·         Burleigh Travel are ATOL protected as well as being members of ABTA, giving their customers peace of mind when using their services.


These are only some of the reasons why Burleigh Travel is the greatest cricket tour organiser too – If you would like to speak to their team for further details do not hesitate to visit the company’s website today where you will be able to find all of the relevant contact details.