Three Stunning Nature Experiences in Australia

Three Stunning Nature Experiences in Australia

Australia is the nature lover’s paradise on earth, with amazing scenery, and many opportunities to experience its spectacular beauty. The passionate traveler can see wetlands and coral reefs, rainforests, deserts and endless beaches, many of which are protected areas that managed to preserve the untouched beauty of the earth. There is also a wide range of possibilities available to see the contrasting landscapes that make it a bucket list vacation for the adventurous tourist: from the popular 4wd tracks to helicopter tours, seaplanes, rafting trips, airboat rides and week-long hikes. 

The vast and diverse natural surroundings of Australia has countless must-see’s, but we made a list of three different astonishing nature getaways.

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The Great Ocean Experience

If you are eager to experience the ocean wildlife, head for Queensland. Rest on the pristine beaches of Hervey Bay and dare to embark on a watch tour to admire the majestic humpback whales swim, play and rest. You will also meet plenty of dolphins, seabirds, and turtles if you stop on the unique Fraser Island, where rainforests raise tall on sand dunes.

Admire the underwater splendor at the Great Barrier Reef, where scuba diving tours are available day and night. Home to a 1400 mile coral reef system, this is one of the best places in the world to swim, dive and snorkel. Enjoy the white windswept beaches and the warm crystal clear water of Whitsunday Islands, see turtles hatching on Lady Elliott Island or take sailing trips to gaze at the astounding setting.

Explore Ancient Rainforests

In Northern Australia, you can rent a cabin in Daintree Village, in the closeness of a large river and the enormous Daintree Rainforest, part of the Wet Tropics area. This is the nature lover’s perfect escape, offering a variety of opportunities to explore the diversity and beauty of this region. Many guided tours are available for the curious traveler who wants to spot exotic trees, flowers, butterflies, marsupials, and reptiles. But you can also fly through the tropical forest, take a 4WD truck tour, horse ride along Cape Tribulation or even take a thrilling jungle surf.

Encounter the Wildlife

In South Australia, one can find a place of unspoiled wilderness, which has to offer to its visitors a lot of adventure, relaxation and gourmet food. Kangaroo Island is a wide sanctuary where you can meet many of protected native Australian animals. You’ll find diverse landform and vegetation, from towering sand dunes to wetlands, bushland, lagoons and of course, gorgeous beaches. Feed and pet kangaroos in Parndana Wildlife Park or take the Wilderness Trail and stop at the Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch.

The foodies out there must find out that Kangaroo Island is renowned for its diverse fresh produce and fine cuisine. A variety of wines, honey, fruit, and seafood can be found at every farmer’s market, but you can also get spoilt in an artisanal restaurant.

If you’re already excited to plan your own adventure in the alluring lands of Australia, find out that you will be welcomed by friendly and helpful locals, but also many other daring travelers like you.



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