Where to Buy Postage Stamps When Traveling

If you are a traveler and still subscribe to the lost art of sending post cards to your family and friends, then you know it’s getting harder to find where to buy postage stamps. Once you leave your neighborhood and have hit the road on vacation it’s good to have a frame of reference as to where you can buy stamps besides the post office.

Now before I get into where to purchase them, it’s worth mentioning that technically a post card requires less postage than a letter, 15 cents less to be exact. The stores I am going to reference all sell first class forever stamps and the only place you can get post card stamps is at your post office. The best course of action is to go to your post office before your vacation and purchase post card stamps. However for those of us who forget to take that step here are the best 3 companies to buy stamps from when you are on vacation.

Walmart – Especially If You Are Travelling Internationally

If you are traveling globally and looking for US postage the best place to check is Walmart. If you are in the US there is a good chance they will have stamps for sale at the register. If you are outside of the US some Walmart’s do carry US stamps, but you will need to ask and it might be worth calling first. Walmart does not sell individual stamps, they only sell them in books of 20. Walmart has branches in the US, Europe, Canada, Asia and Africa.

CVS – US Travel

The next best place to find postage stamps when traveling for sale in the US is CVS pharmacy. CVS has over 10,000 stores nationwide so they should be easy to find. Like Walmart you will have to ask the cashier for postage stamps and they too will only sell them in books of 20.

Wells Fargo – US Travel – Sells Single Stamps

If you want to purchase a single stamp to send one post card the best place to go besides a post office is a Wells Fargo bank. Wells Fargo doesn’t sell books like CVS and Walmart, they only sell single stamps. On the west coast of the US some Wells Fargo ATM machines even carry stamps. Of all the banks that sell stamps, Wells Fargo is the most available with over 6,000 locations represented in 41 US states.

When you on your vacation you don’t need to worry about finding a post office to purchase stamps for post cards. Even better stores like CVS and Walmart are open on both days on the weekends and during the week they have more flexible hours than the post office. CVS and Walmart not only carry stamps, but also post cards as well, so you can actually get your stamps and pick out your postcards at the same time. You might even be lucky enough to find a USPS blue collection bin outside since these are usually found in busy shopping centers. Can’t get much easier than that for sending postcards on your vacation!