Top 5 Compelling Points That Will Make You Fall in Love with Italy & France

Top 5 Compelling Points That Will Make You Fall in Love with Italy & France

The beauty of Italy will compel the travelers-at-heart to write a poetry that will never end. Yes, that beautiful is the majestic land! From classy fashion street to heavenly cuisine, it is unique in all chronicles and every human who comes to Italy once would desire to come again and again.

Let’s explore the mystery behind this immortally beautiful land and find out the top 5 compelling points that will make you fall in love with Italy.

  1. Food and Drink. Simply Wow!

Italy offers world-class cuisine. Cappuccino and Italian wine are drinks that are popular across the globe, but its real flavor can be realized here. The charm of Italian ingredients is mind blowing. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also a lot affordable.

  1. Chamonix

Chamonix, a resort close to the junction of Italy, France and Switzerland, is one of the best reasons to visit. It’s a great place for paragliding, hiking, playing tennis and golf or for just relaxing. You can also book a hotel in Chamonix Ski Area to enjoy your stay. The scenery around is highly inspiring and the atmosphere is very delightful.

  1. Hey I Caught the Fashion TV

It’s an ultimate shopper’s stop. It’s the fashion capital of the planet presenting its contemporary style of unique and sharp fashion. Shopaholics are going to rock here and fashion lovers can just sit on the road, watch and enjoy the creamy fashionable Italians.

  1. Grounded Family Culture

Local culture is great and courteous. Hospitality will be good to see and if invited never let it pass on. You will enjoy the company and also the food with the Italian family. This can enhance your traveling spirit.

  1. Exotic Beaches at Sicily

The places famous for beaches here are Sicily, Taormina and Catania. The most beautiful feature is clean and clear water and white sand. The rocks at the beaches are Hollywood commercial locations for historical films. An evening on the white sand with champagne will be the most memorable gift for the one you love.

While you retreat with all the memories, never forget to go deep into the sea or enjoy the wine.

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