Why Bali Is a Great Place for a Running Vacation

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Oftentimes when we go away on vacation it can feel like we have to give up a little on our daily exercise regimes. While for some this break from daily workouts is welcomed, for many this part of their daily routine is sorely missed while they are away. Frequently, this is particularly true for runners who often use running as not only a form of exercise, but also stress-relief, personal time for reflection and other therapeutic purposes.

So where do you go if you’re looking for a vacation that will allow you to maintain your running routines even while enjoying some more traditional rest and relaxation? Bali is the place you’re looking for.

Bali has increasingly become one of the greatest and most popular destinations to choose for a running vacation. With beaches and mountains abounding the running trails in Bali are nothing short of incredible, treating runners to spectacular views and privacy while out on their daily runs, especially those who manage to rise in the early am.

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One of the most popular running spots in Bali is the beach strip from Kuta to Seminyak.  During low-tide this beach is wide and provides ample room for beach goers and runners alike to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Running along this beach strip you’re sure to meet a few other runners with the same idea as you! Beaches frequently top the list of running spots for visitors in Bali as they are much safer for runners than taking routes that involve running on the roads where local traffic can turn your daily run into a rather more dangerous endeavour. As well, these beaches provide relatively flat terrain for runners when compared with the hilly and diverse landscape that the rest of Bali possesses. In Ubud there is also a weight loss resort that includes running as one of it’s main components. It is well rated and run by Sophie Jones.

As well, if running alone isn’t really your thing, Bali provides you with an easy opportunity to run with a group and meet some other local runners! Known as the IndoRunners Bali, this group of runners goes out every week, twice a week, to explore new running routes. Identified by their red or green shirts, they have a meeting point outside of the Bajra Sandhi Monument within Niti Mandala Park and are always welcoming new runners to join them on their route!

It is recommended that if you do decide to take your own route that involves running on local roads, to avoid putting in headphones as they can prevent you from hearing bikes or cars that may be approaching behind you.

Overall, while these are just a few examples, there are countless more routes and scenic points that make Bali the ultimate runner’s vacation. With well-maintained pedestrian pathways, beautiful beaches and mountains and hills abounding, you are sure to find a terrain and view that matches all of your needs and desires. Whether you enjoy running in solitude or running with a group, Bali provides the opportunity of a lifetime for you to enjoy your daily routine in one of the most spectacular and scenic destinations in the world.