7 Compelling Reasons to Visit Swan Valley

Located to the north of Perth, Swan valley is known for its spectacular views, mind-blowing walking trails, locations of historic significance and regal wineries. It is just about a 30-minute drive away from Perth. There are plenty of reasons why you must visit this fascinating region. They are listed below,


Swan valley has earned its name as the state’s oldest wine region. The climate here is warm and dry and thus Swam valley offers the right conditions for viticulture. In addition to international wineries, you can also find winemakers who sell wines at the cellar door of the winery.


If you want to experience everything that Swan Valley has to offer, you need to extend your stay here. There are a variety of options for you to select from including bed and breakfasts, caravan parks, farm stays, cottages and luxury accommodations in Swan Valley. It doesn’t matter what your budget and requirements are, you can surely find a suitable accommodation in Swan Valley Perth. However, to get the most out of your stay in Swan Valley accommodations must be booked carefully after a thorough research.

Breweries and distilleries

Do you want to sample taste a wide range of local beers, spirits and ciders? Swan Valley is the perfect destination for you. Swan Valley is home to various one-of-a-kind breweries that follow handcrafted traditional methods and make use of the best local ingredients. Hence, they mostly provide organic alcohol which is free of any preservatives.

Arts and crafts

Your journey would be incomplete if you cannot visit the art galleries and gift shops located in the Swan Valley. Swan valley has attracted lots of talented and sophisticated artisans with its natural charm and tense-free atmosphere. No matter what you are looking for, sculptures, paintings or decors, Swan Valley provides an amazing shopping experience.


Swan Valley boasts of a rich and singular heritage. In the historical village of Guildford, you can still witness the colonial buildings that are built during the earliest days of the township. Motor museum has an amazing collection ranging from horse drawn carriages to modern vehicles, demonstrating the transport options of the people in Western Australia.

Swan valley food and wine trail

You can undertake a self-drive exploration of the unique Swan valley food and wine trail, which covers 32-kilometre. It consists of more than 150 establishments of wineries, breweries and distilleries, wonderful restaurants to yield to your appetite and roadside stalls offering fresh produce.

National park

National parks situated in the Swan valley are best known for white water rafting and canoeing. You can also enjoy the feel of holding and providing food for the wildlife.

These entities are what that makes Swan Valley more irresistible.