Las Vegas Tour With Self-Driving Buses Can Prevent Accidents?

For those visiting the United States of America, Las Vegas is a big draw. The city is a home to several attractive spots that are crowd-pullers in their own right. It is not surprising that a larger number of people living in other states of America and abroad come visiting the city throughout the year. These travelers, who want to visit different sightseeing spots and other attractive destinations, can do so by getting into an autonomous shuttle bus.

Salient Features

As per reports, it is going to be the first complete electric shuttle and fully autonomous bus to ply on public roads in America. It is a good initiative of the city officials as well as Navya, a well-known French firm. It is important to put here that the bus runs without any driver and that is why it is called a fully automatic vehicle. Navya designed the automatic vehicle called Arma. The project also involves a worldwide provider of public transportation facilities, namely Keolis.

Carolyn Goodman, who is the mayor of Las Vegas, hopped inside into one of these high-end buses after the vehicle was inaugurated. He looked very pleased after the inaugural ride. He frankly told that he was very nervous before taking the ride but found it a superb car having enough of space and moving swiftly.

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Will The Automatic Vehicles End Accidents?

Bus accidents are common in the USA. The statistics does not produce a bright picture in this regard. Unfortunately, majority of these bus accidents happen due to drivers’ mistakes whereas technical errors play a role in the rest of the cases. After the inauguration of the automatic bus, the first question on everyone’s mind is if it will put an end to the accidents caused due to human errors.

The company representatives present at the inauguration ceremony insisted that introduction of these automatic buses will significantly reduce the number of accidents. These high-tech buses will eliminate the serious problems like drunk driving and distraction during driving. These are the leading causes of bus accidents. However, if the automatic buses will be a big hit and effective in preventing the car accidents, only future can tell that.

What If You Are Injured After A Car Accident?

Even a child can tell that an injured person should seek immediate medical advice. Irrespective of who is legally responsible for the car accident, treatment is a must for your injury. Even if it is not a fatal injury, any kind of negligence must not be encouraged. At the same time, you should also talk to an experienced Las Vegas bus accident lawyer if the accident has taken place in that state. The attorneys at Ladah Law Firm, in Las Vegas give free consultations to people who’ve been injured by negligence of others.

If it is not your fault, you should collect some strong evidences to support and strengthen your case. If possible, take some photos at the site of the accident to prove the extent of your property damage. Document your medical reports and expenses to produce before your lawyer. Get details about the witnesses’ names and addresses so that they can be contacted later. If it is not your fault, the other party will be legally obliged to pay for your medical bill, loss of income and other hazards you have been passing through.