Are you in for the best ever hot air balloon ride? The world’s best destinations

The hot air balloon took its first flight in the year 1783 and since then it has been touted to be one of the greatest ways of witnessing the most spectacular scenes of the world from above. Regardless of whether you’re gliding beyond the stupas of Bagan or you’re flying over the Lake District of England, a balloon ride is definitely going to be the best highlight of your entire vacation. Let’s check out the few best destinations over the world that is well-known for their hot air balloon rides.

#1: Loire Valley, France

This location is perched around 200 miles towards the south-west of Paris and it stretches to around 170 miles. The Loire Valley is surrounded by more than 800 manor houses and castles. If you would ever want to make Cinderella jealous, you should be here because of its heavenly abodes, sunflower fields, stone villages and the meandering streams and rivers. The best time to visit this place is between April and October. You can get help of Getaways Vacations for booking the best resort rentals so that you can even have a good stay at this place.

#2: Jaipur, India

The palaces and forts of the Pink City are extremely impressive but when you get an aerial view from a lofty hot air balloon, this experience will always be better than a walking tour each time you visit this place. You can peer beyond Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Amber Fort before you float above the historic stone temples and the rural villages. If you can book a flight to witness the sunrise, you will see Jaipur come into life.

#3: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

This is the African safari which meets the adventure of hot air ballooning and the Serengeti National Park is home to the biggest migration of mammals in the world. The exquisite view of sunrise over the grassy plains and there are average of 2 million wild animals, 250,000 zebra, 500,000 gazelle which roam around in this region. You can also view animals like hippos, lions, leopards and various other wild animals when you’re up above the sky in the hot air balloon.

#4: Napa Valley, California

Here you will see long stretches of vineyards that are stitched like a quilt. During fall, you will find long stretches of colors over the green and purple fruits which are ready to be harvested by around 600 wineries which are spread across the Napa Valley. The hot air balloons are the best to ride if you visit this place during spring and fall till late October. You may take a look at Always Travel With Us to know more on such holiday trips.

So, now if you’re interested in going to a vacation to some place which is popular for its hot air balloon ride, choose any one among the destinations mentioned above. Enjoy the ride and make it a memorable one with your loved ones.