Exploring Edinburgh: A First Timer’s Guide

Exploring Edinburgh: A First Timer’s Guide

Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland is a historically rich city with diverse culture and mind-blowing views which attracts tourists from world over. The medieval history and the Gothic architecture is the landmark of Edinburgh making it appealing for the people who like stories, an exceptional feel of time on a city and of course the beauty that is surrounded with excellent architecture.

Edinburgh is indeed a beautiful city!

Edinburgh is a classic mix of the historical architecture, gothic style buildings, cathedrals, beautiful gardens and castles that are on the top of the hills. And when you finally reach to a point where you can take a glimpse of the entire city from a castle, you find traces of history mixed with today’s lifestyle – the modern-day developments surrounding the historical buildings which adds to the beauty of the city.

Edinburgh has a certain romantic feel to it which attracts the couples for their quality time. The rich culture, diversity and charming appeal of the city works in making you love the city. From a morning that is always found peace and yet accompanying a rush, the nightlife of Edinburgh is quite fancy.

Places to explore in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh is filled with exciting places to explore the city’s lifestyle, history, art, architecture and a lot of things. One can easily find some of the exclusive ways through guided tours of start exploring the place on their own. Here are a few must-go places!

  •    Edinburgh Castle

A prominent landmark and a beautiful structure to pay a visit when in Edinburgh – the Edinburgh Castle was built in the centre of the Old Town and is one of the iconic places of the city. The Castle stands as the benchmark for the Scottish History and is also the World Heritage Site. This place is the home to Scottish Crown Jewels (The Crown), has coronation seats of the kings and even the stones of destiny. The castle is a brilliant walk through with insights that will make you fall in love with the city immediately.

  •    Arthur’s Seat

This one is a popular hike in Holyrood Park that almost takes an entire day for its visit. The experience is all about packing a few things and hiking till the top till you reach the spot and get a mesmerizing view of the entire city. Sunsets are famous and experience a lot of tourist footfall.

  •    Royal Mile

Edinburgh is a city widely known for its walks and explorations. There is no other way you can seep into the beauty of this place. And hence the Royal Mile is also a popular place for the people here. The road walk through is covered with pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and shops for the people to enjoy their time here. Every little detailing on this street is a treat to the eye, and thus a mighty walk is just the right thing here!

  •    Stockbridge

Riverside walk, shopping and gastro pubs are three things that dominate the Stockbridge. Although a bit unknown to the tourists, most of the times – the Stockbridge is the go-to place for the locals to stroll in their leisure time in New Town and spend time with friends and family. The place is peaceful and amazing for people to have a quality time and meal.

The first-hand guide to Exploring Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most exciting cities in Europe mainly because of its culture, and the way city captures medieval with modernity. The best way to explore the city is to stay with the locals or in cheap hostels where you get to connect with travellers and know more about the place. There are free voucher codes you can get which shall allow for affordable stays. Prefer to walk through the streets of the city to find new attractions at every nook and corner of the town.

The city is mostly inspiring to the people because of its beautiful architecture. The music and art of the town make a significant share of inspiration to the people visiting here and thus one might want to explore the local events, classes and artist meets that keeps happening around the city.

National Museums play a significant role in bringing you closer to the city’s history and thus imbibe the city’s lifestyle in your mood.

With a taste of drama, the larger than life Scotch whisky experience and the historical backgrounds – the city is almost like out of a picture hanging on the wall. Click a lot of pictures, buy some artefacts and the city shall stay with you forever!

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