Get the Most Out of Your Japan Tour

Get the Most Out of Your Japan Tour

Attention all first time travelers! If you’re worried about your first ever trip to Japan, say no more! Here’re few tips and tricks on how you can truly maximize your trip in Japan!

You might have already heard this before but it is still most certainly true. If you wish to book a cheap flight going to Japan, do it during the off-peak seasons of the year. And if you are fortunate enough, some airlines would also give discounts and promo. So, it’s important to keep tabs of your favorite airlines. You’ll never know when they will announce a promo.

Also, it is advisable to travel during summer and spring because you can travel a little lighter unlike during the colder seasons. You can do away with the extra baggage. That will definitely reduce your airfare.Image result for Get the Most Out of Your Japan Tour

Inevitably, when you arrive in Japan, you’ll be spending most of your money in transportation. But the good thing is; Japan is known for its amazing technological advancement and world-class public transport system. Thanks to this, going from one point of your itinerary to another is made easier and more bearable. You can ride the train or bus. They are convenient and cheaper. If you really want to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture, you might want to rent a bicycle or you could just walk around.

If you want to explore Japan’s different cities, you may its ride sleeper trains. Riding the sleeper train can be a good experience, especially if you are a backpacker. It would be a little difficult to sleep inside a sleeper train. But it would definitely cut down your transportation expenses.

Another good transportation alternative is the Japan Railway. Its incredible speed allows you to travel between city to city in just 15 minutes. If you want to explore major cities in Japan, then you purchasing a JR pass would be advisable. You can get two kinds of JR passes: the Ordinary and the Green passes. The Ordinary Pass is the standard pass where you can meet most of the locals. The Green pass is the first class pass that offers great seats and more spaces for your baggage.

Aside from the transportation, you also need to have a place where you can stay. Skip the fancy hotels if you want cheap accommodation. You can try capsule hotels or internet cafes if you you’d rather spend on your adventure rather than your accommodation. And if you are brave enough, you can try Couch surfing. There are a lot of people who are offering this. Plus, it is a great way of immersing yourself in the culture.

Another important thing to know is the food in Japan. Some products like fruits are quite expensive here. There are cheap restaurants where you can eat but you might have a hard time finding them. The best way is to go to a nice convenient store where they offer cheap but nice meal set. You can also bring some cup noodles from your country.


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