What to Do in Flores and What to Be Excited about

Flores is a lot like Bali in so many regards. The two are islands; the two are rich in culture; the two boast perhaps some of the best beaches in the world; the two are important assets for Indonesian tourism. Unlike Bali, though, Flores is somewhat intact in its presentation. Whereas Bali is exposed to a high dose of westernization (as a consequence for being world-level tourist destination), Flores experiences a very small level of what its neighbor has. You could wonder about what to do in flores if the island is not that popular; perhaps you would be defaulted to thinking that the island is not at all equipped to cater to tourists’ needs and whims. However, the island and its tourism industry are not lacking. While it may be a problem to find an international-brand stores or shops in Flores, the island makes up for it with its gorgeousness and natural wonders that rival those of Bali. Lakes and waterfalls are pristine to swim in. Diving sites are truly accommodative for a spectacular experience. Caves are mysterious, inviting you to come in and explore. The people’s rituals, traditions, and arts are there to spoil you and help you take your mind off the busy life you lead.

There is a chance that you have been familiar with the island before this. But at the moment, when asked about what to do in flores indonesia, your answer would probably revolves mostly around visiting Labuan Bajo and the Komodo Island to see the komodo dragons live. But did you know that Flores is also home to the fossil of Flores hobbit? The prehistoric, allegedly one of the precursors leading to modern humans, lived in Liang Bua; its discovery propelled the island further into worldwide popularity. And you would be mistaken if that is where everything stops being wonderful for Flores.

When it comes to what to do in flores top things, you cannot avoid talking about the island’s best and recommended attractions or destinations. Here are some of them you can explore:

  1. Maumere

Maumere is located at the east part of the Flores Island. It is a great starting point before you embark on your adventure. The town features Waiara Beach and Koka Beach. In addition, by traveling some 30 km off the town, you can observe live the process of making traditional woven textile in Sikka.

  1. Kelimutu National Park

Kelimutu features crater lakes of three colors. The lakes change colors fairly irregularly, turning from black to green to black at times and to blue, red, and white at others.

  1. WaeRebo Village

In this village, the MbaruNiang is the most notable spot. It is a collection of 7 traditional houses that are conic in shape.

  1. Savu Sea National Marine Park

The Savu Sea National Marine Park occupies an area of 8.6 acre. With that big of size, the park is considered the largest within the confine of the Coral Triangle. There are 14 whale species use this area as their route of migration. Turtles, dugongs, and dolphins are also common to encounter in this area.