Hike Top 5 Mountains in South America

Within the two American continents, the 5 tallest mountain tops all have reached South America. Particularly, they all are based in the Argentinian and Chilean mountain regions. The best five tallest mountain tops are:

  1. Mount Aconcagua – 6,962 meters tallest, located in Argentina
  2. Mount Ojos del Salado – In Chile, rising 6,891 meters above sea level
  3. Mount Pissis – Argentina, having a height of 6,793 meters
  4. Mount Mercedario – Rising 6,770 above sea level between the borders of Argentina and Chile
  5. Mount Huascaran – located in Peru, having a height of 6,768 meters above sea level.

The tallest mountain in The United States is Mount McKinley in Alaska, U.S.A. Its dimensions are 6,194 meters above sea level; hence it does not reach the very best five list. The greatest mountain within the Americas, Mount Aconcagua, can be found in the Andes mountain range.

It can be found in Argentina, near its border with Chile. It’s most likely among the so-known as Seven Summits or even the greatest mountain tops in every single of all of the continents worldwide. The mountain really forms area of the Aconcagua Provincial Park. Mount Aconcagua is really a snowy peak with lots of glacier systems. The specific mountain might have initially meant “sentinel of stone” or “white-colored sentinel.” Mountaineers favour climbing the mountain with a straightforward northern route. Others prefer a north-eastern route with the so-known as Polish Glacier. Other routes, specially the one by way of the southern slopes, are substantially much tougher. Next within the list is Mount Ojos del Salado. Its total name is Nevado Ojos del Salado, which means “eyes from the salty river.” This name originates from the lagoons or deposits of salt, which seem like eyes around the glaciers. The mountain is another volcano that forms area of the Andes mountain range, situated in Argentina and Chile. It has to be the tallest volcano inside the world. Climbing the mountain requires a lengthy hike supported by a number of rather challenging climbs before the summit is arrived at country. It had been initially effectively rose by Polish mountaineers in 1937.

Mount Pissis, or Monte Pissis within the local dialect, may be the third tallest peak inside the Americas. It’s an extinct volcano, found some 340 miles north of Mount Aconcagua, the tallest mountain within the Western hemisphere. A lot of people believed that Monte Pissis maybe truly taller than Mount Ojos del Salado, just because a Gps navigation survey once measured the former’s height to become 6,882 meters. But consequent measurements demonstrated the assertion to become false. Like Mount Ojos del Salado, Monte Pissis can also be based in the Atacama Desert, hence it’s mainly dry, and snow could be located inside the peak only throughout the winter several weeks. The specific mountain stems from Pedro Jose Amadeo Pissis, a French geologist who had been once utilized by the Chilean government. The final two tallest mountain tops inside the list are Mount Mercedario in Argentina and Chile, and Mount Huascaran in Yungay, Peru. Mount Mercedario or Cerro Mercedario is a part of the Cordillera en Ramada mountain range, which is nearly 62 miles to Mount Aconcagua. Meanwhile, Mount Huascaran or Nevado Huascaran belongs to the Cordillera Blanca variety of the Western Andes in Peru.

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