Top 8 Areas to Visit in Lake Toba

Wonderful Indonesia

Not only is Lake Toba the planet’s largest volcanic lake covering, but it’s also encompassed by beautiful mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, and many more. Even more unbelievable, there’s an island almost the size of Singapore within Lake Toba itself, and it is named Samosir island–home to the Batak people. While it became a relatively popular traveler destination, much of its pure beauty remains intact, which makes it likely the most attractive places to visit in Indonesia.

Here are the top 8 areas to visit in Lake Toba.

  1. Sipoholon hot springs, the best site to take a tub

It, therefore, said that soaking in these sulfur-springs pools provides a wide assortment of health advantages plus radiant, glowing skin. Encompassed by orange and white limestones, Sipoholon hot springs make for a relaxing yet Insta-worthy spot.

  1. Nantampukmas Nests, from a bird’s view

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s want to wake up as a nestling in its mother’s nest, then you don’t even have to imagine anymore. Get into one of those man-made nests nearby Nantampukmas Hotel and see the fantastic views from a whole new viewpoint.

  1. Tuk Tuk, where the tourists flock

After a long day at the hinges, hot springs, or waterfalls, tourists are flocking at Tuk Tuk where they come to stay the night. Tuk Tuk on Samosir Island is where all of the decent hotels, restaurants, and touristy shops are in. Just ensure you catch the last ferry in, or you’ll be stuck out for the night!

  1. Sipiso-Piso waterfall, the tallest waterfall in Indonesia

This waterfall has the highest dip in Indonesia in 120m. For adventurous people, make your way down to the bottom of the waterfall to experience the temptations of Sipiso-Piso on your backs.

  1. Mount Sibayak, a volcano worth the climb

Rising up to 7,257 legs, Mount Sibayak is one of the most famous volcanoes to climb in Indonesia. Hikers recommend hiking from 3am onwards to relish the starlight and arrive at the summit just in time for a spectacular sunrise.

  1. Tomok Village

For a cultural experience, head to Tomok Village, including great Batak traditional houses, stone sculptures, and many historical sites. Discover more about the Batak people, the way they live, and bring home a piece of Batak culture.

  1. Pusuk Buhit, where the greens go on eternally

Among the seas around the area, Pusuk Buhit is still a decent hike with an impressive view. Make this up to the summit to enjoy the panoramic scenery of Lake Toba and its environment that’ll make you lost for words.

  1. Sapo Juma

Sapo Suma is a garden villa with a top view of Lake Toba. Walk through a field of beautiful colors, take as many selfies as you can, and find a lovely spot to marvel in the awe-inspiring Lake Toba from above.