Top Bali Activities

Top Bali Activities

Bali is an island of variety. With it’s tropical climate time on the beach and time by the pool is always going to be high on your agenda when you visit, but there’s much much more to see and do on this wonderful island. Read on to find out about some of the top activities in Bali to try on your Bali holiday.

A great Activity in Bali is is quad biking, and it offers an opportunity to see the island in all its glory. Bali Island ATV is an Australian owned and operated company that specializes in organizing quad bike tours, which can take you through beautiful beaches, rice fields, local villages, and stunning cliff tops. Such a visit enables you to discover the magic of this island, and it can last for one or two hours. You can enjoy your ATV ride Bali either single or tandem, and the quad bikes are powerful, ranging from 500cc to 700cc. You will have lots of fun on these quad bikes, and the tour guides are friendly and speak English fluently. 

Scuba diving is also a popular pastime on the island, and there are stunning dive sites you can explore. One of these dive sites is the Blue Lagoon at Padang Bai, which has been a favorite for a long time. The conditions are usually calm and the water warm. Here you can explore beautiful coral reefs, and the site is suitable for a beginner or experienced diver. The itinerary includes hotel pick-up from 7 am to 7.30 am. You will then have an hour’s drive to the site, and you will have two dives from a traditional boat. After diving, you return to your hotel at around 3 pm. 

There’s a vibrant nightlife scene in Bali, and the nautical themed Sea Vu Play is a popular nightspot. The joint is all about having fun, and as well a being great for night life, it’s also one of the best restaurants in Bali  Enjoy exotic cuisine from Asia and the Mediterranean courtesy of the well-travelled chef. You can also enjoy refreshing cocktails, and the bar and restaurant also offers an extensive selection of rums, tequilas, margaritas, martinis, and sangria. Sea Vu Play is also a sports bar, and you can catch all the action from some television screens spread throughout the venue.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, Hu’u Villas Bali provides some of the best accommodation in town. It is located in downtown Petitenget, and it is within walking distance to an array of high-end restaurants, bars, nightlife spots, and the beach. Here you can expect stylish comfort, and you can choose a 1 bedroom villa Seminyak two bedroom villa, or a three bedroom penthouse. The establishment offers a bespoke experience and guests are provided with round-the-clock services. If you’re part of a large group, you can book up to nine interconnecting villas. These villas are exclusive, offering private pools, sun deck, and garden. 

Staying in a luxury villa is great thing to do for at least part of your holiday in Bali.  Bali Villas and More are a travel agent specializing in Bali so you can be sure of expert advice and care.  They have villas available all over the island and their detailed website provides information on the features of a particular villa, including the number of bedrooms and the available amenities. Their extensive portfolio of villas cover all prices ranges and sizes, so if it’s romantic getaway in a 1 bedroom villa, or a big group travelling together, you’ll find the right villa for you!

Day trips and excursions are also popular Bali activities. You can visit the local villages to enjoy their culture and hospitality. Once there, you can explore local handicrafts, including batik, wood sculptures, and gold and silver jewelry. Cruises, sailing, and water tours are also available, and you can spend the day swimming and relax in paradise during a trip to a lush, tropical island. Banana boat rides are provided, and you can also get equipment to go snorkeling. Lagoon pools provide a relaxing swim, and you can also tan yourself on pristine beaches. 

Walking and biking tours are popular on the island, and you can discover picturesque surroundings on a three-hour bike ride. You can visit rice terraces in Tegalalang, verdant rice fields and fragrant chocolate and coffee plantations. You will enjoy a mouth-watering Balinese lunch, and such a tour offers a chance to sample local cuisine. There are temples all over the island, and you can visit these sacred and religious sites. For instance, Uluwatu temple is one of six main temples believed to be spiritual pillars in Bali. Its magnificent location and fantastic sunset backdrops are a tourist attraction. The experience is truly spectacular, and a tour to this temple is a must-do when you visit. 

The Bali Marine and Wildlife Park is a good place to come and view animals. The tour will take you through an open range area where you can feed the animals, including tigers. Other animals that you can watch here include zebras, gnus, rhinos, and giraffes. The venue hosts a theater show which is a mixture of story theatrics and animal presentations. There’s enough seating and you will be able to catch the action. If you’re an animal lover, a tour of this park should be on your itinerary. 

The sacred Mount Batur offers sunrise trekking, and it usually takes two hours through the darkness to reach the 1,717-meter peak. It’s an active volcano, and when you reach the peak, you can view the sun rising in the east against the golden sky. You will have a chance to see native wildlife and personal service is provided for small groups. You can enjoy fresh air and relieve your stress on this trek, and the itinerary includes breakfast, hotel pick-up and drop-off, entrance fees, and a local guide. 

Experience relaxation and indulgence at  at Amo and the services include massage, hair salon, nail salon, and spa and beauty treatment. The spa created by an ex-model/actress Navia Nguyen who’s a New York entrepreneur. It has established itself as the best spa on the island, and you can expect the highest quality spa treatment. You can also expect the perfect manicure and pedicure from friendly staff, and relax with a Balinese massage. So the next time you visit Bali, ensure that you take part in some of these activities and make your vacation a memorable one. 

If you’re considering a yoga retreat Bali, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Ubud, often considered the cultural and artistic capital of Bali is also the center for yogis on the island. You’ll find a range of yoga studios offering daily sessions or longer retreats for all levels and styles of yoga. It’s not just restricted to Ubud though. You’ll find a rapidly flourishing yoga scene in the hip beachside town of Canggu and yoga retreats here offer you the chance to stay in delightful and luxurious villas and get in a sunrise surf as well as developing your yoga skills.

A popular side trip for visitors to Bali is to the Gili Islands. This three Gilis – Trawange, Meno and Air, lie just off of the coast of Lombok and the best way to get there is by using a fast boat Gili such as the Patagonia Xpress. This brand new boats, with daily departures from Bali offers a comfortable air conditioned inside saloon with TVs and free WIFI or take in the scenery and top up your tan on the sundeck. The Gili Islands offer a real tropical island paradise experience – no motor vehicles, warm waters for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving, perfect beaches…. Memories to last a lifetime.

After your time on the Gili Islands, head back to Bali and finish your holiday by staying at one of the best hotels in Seminyak. Experience service like no where else in the world, excellent restaurants, bars and pools – the perfect place to relax and reflect on your time on the Island of the Gods. With so many hotels to choose from it can be a difficult choice. Bali Hotels and More offer online booking and will include airport transfers as part of the price to make your holiday stress free, check them out online for the very best deals.

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