Train Accident Injuries While Travelling; Know Your Legal Rights

Some aspects of train injures are unique by nature. Whether you are a passenger or working as an employee on a train, you may sustain an injury that could be mild or severe. You will find some commonalities between train injuries and other personal injuries caused by negligence, car accident, slip and fall etc. One point needs to be remembered that the train accident victims can enjoy special considerations.

If you pick up an injury, it is important to receive medical attention as early as possible. Consult a doctor immediately after sustaining an injury. Followings are some important must-dos for you:

  • All accidents are not same. Some are more severe than others. Depending on the type, it may be important to call an ambulance on the spot. When injured, you must make the most of these facilities.
  • Sometimes an injury may not seem to be serious and you may not want to go for immediate medical care. However, the injury may take a worse turn over time. To avoid that unfortunate turn of event, you should undergo a thorough examination under the carefully guidance of an expert healthcare service provider.
  • Clearly explain to your doctors and nurses about the accident. You must tell them everything including the minor details.

It is important to be careful about what to say and whom to say about the accident. Always seek guidance from an eminent lawyer having specialization and wealth of experience in this field. Pottroff and Karlin Law Firm is a well-known service provider in this regard.

Don’t talk much to the press: Revealing how it happened and what happened to you will make the breaking news in no time, making you a celebrity figure. Avoid it as whatever information you reveal to the press will be used in the legal matters and harm you in the process.

Never talk to the railroad company: It is more likely that an agent, investigator or attorney representing the railroad will approach you after the injury. Never discuss with the railroad representatives about the accident or your injury until you have found someone to represent your case.

Don’t raise storm on social media: Whatever you post and share on the social media will not go unnoticed by the railroad’s lawyers. They will comb through the comments to find out if anything can be used against you in the trials to prove that you are faking your injury or the injury is not as severe as claimed.

Don’t dilly-dally: There is no use of dilly-dallying to meet a doctor and appoint a lawyer. The railroad will use their own lawyers immediately after the accident took place to solidify their defence. Therefore, you must be in hurry of hiring an attorney as that will give him ample time for investigation and collecting evidences. Your lawyer may like to work closely with the railroad’s attorney to make sure that his client’s medical bill is submitted timely and paid promptly.

You should clear all your doubts at your first meeting with the lawyer. This will help you understand if the person is worth hiring or not.