4 Summertime Camping Destinations

4 Summertime Camping Destinations

Camping seasons and time are very specific and when you are a camping lover then summer is the ultimate time to enjoy camping with your friends and family. There are various camping spots that are so breathtaking that you can only dream about such spots. Once you experience such beauty you can’t wait to go back there again and again. Some destinations are so remote that you can feel the wilderness along with the purity.

So, come summer pack up your winch accessories, those retractable steps for lifted trucks and all of your camping gear and head to your favorite camping destination to be one with nature.

Here are a few dream destinations for outdoor admirer:

Glacier National Park, Montana

Deeply seated in the Rocky Mountains, a former cowboy country, far up in the north, you can find some of the most breathtaking America’s sceneries. Popularly known as the Crown of the Continent, the surrounding areas of the Glacier National Park is full of natural lakes, glacial landscapes and rough mountains. Here you can just relax by seating in your cabin porch or you can also explore around 740 miles long trails.

Campsite: Almost 13 campsites are scattered in 1,009 square mile area. Except for three campsites, most of the campgrounds are allotted on a first come first serve basis. Though backcountry camping is allowed there, however you need to have a permit for that.

Opening time: The area is open year-round; however, visitor facilities are open from around late may till early September.

Charges: During winter a seven-day pass per car costs almost $25. Campground pass vary from $10 to $ 23 per night during summer.

Yosemite National Park, California

This 12,000 square miles of pristine beauty is America’s one of the most visited as well as photographed camping destinations. Excellent panoramic view, spouting waterfalls, an infinite amount of activities is a dream come true for all kinds of outdoor lovers. Yosemite National Park is a nice option for getting away from the crowd. If you are a hiker, then there is roughly around 800 miles of trails waiting for you.

Campground: Almost thirteen well known campgrounds are there in that national park. You can go there via reservation from April to September. However, there are almost 7 campgrounds that operates on a first come first serve basis.

Opening time: Though it depends on season, however most of them are open year- round.

Charges: A 7-day pass cost $30 approx. per vehicle; per night cost varies from $6 to $ 26 depending on the campsite.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park is situated in the extreme northeast tip of United States in one of the least populated states of America. Its rough coastline, extremely scenic hikes, quite camp sites are perfect for spending time with your family and friends. Kids love the water, they take a kayak and explore the coastline. If you have big kids, then 125 miles of hiking trails can be a good option too.

Campgrounds: This Park has 3 campgrounds, Schoodic woods (surrounded by water), seawall (rustic) and Blackwoods (near the Bar Harbor and island town).

Opening time: Seawall is open from around late May till September. Schoodic opens around late May and stays open till Columbus Day and Blackwoods Campground is open year round, though for December to March you will a need permit.

Charges: around $20 to $ 30 per night (depends on time and campgrounds).

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Without a single doubt, Glacier Bay is one of the world’s most outstanding destinations. The bay is the gateway to the glacier that spans the inner part of the park. After spending a beautiful night with stars, get a private boat or charter for discovering the bay area. Backpacking is not recommended as the area does not have any predesignated trails. Rafting is a very popular activity, but you should be always accompanied by an experienced person. There are a variety of tours that are conducted by Park Rangers during summer.

Camping sites: Bartlett Cove is the only campground in the park. It has a warming shelter, an outhouse and a food storage area. Though permits are free, however from May 1st to September 30th backcountry and campgrounds might need some kind of permit.

Opening time: Though the area is open year-round, however services as well as accessibility are quite restricted during winter. You can access the visitor center from late May to the beginning of September.

Charges: Camping and entry are free, nevertheless rafting, boating and various other facilities need reservations.

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