Fun Netball Games

Netball is a sport loved by many people all over the world. It a sport that is packed full of fun and enjoyed by all, and another thing that people love about netball is practicing it! Netball practice is unlike any other sport practice, it is all about having fun whilst brushing up skills. Today we are going to be discussing just some of the available netball games to play for all involved in the sport to consider.

Keep on reading to discover some of the most popular netball games and to learn how you and your netball team can play them:

Look out – To play look out you must split your team into two groups putting one group in the centre third and then other in the goal third. You should then give each group an equal number of netballs, either two or three per group, and each group should then throw their balls into the opposite groups zone whilst catching any incoming balls. Balls are not allowed to bounce on the ground now are the allowed to go over the back line. When a ball escapes the back line the throwing group gain a point and so on. This game is designed to improve people’s quick ball exchanging skills and improving teamwork.

Frisbee – Frisbee is a game in which requires people to play netball as normal but using a Frisbee instead of a ball. When playing Frisbee a point is scored when the Frisbee hits a goal post. This game again helps teams to work better with one another whilst enabling players to learn how to move into spaces properly. One of the huge advantages of this game is that Frisbee netball is much more difficult that regular netball therefore once players go back to using a ball they find it much easier.

Cone in the middle – OK, so this game is called ‘cone in the middle’ but if you don’t have any cones you can use alternative items such as tops or balls. Whatever you choose to use though, you’re going to need about eight. Divide your players into four equal groups, one at each corner, with your cones or alternative items in the centre of the pitch. When the whistle blows one person at a time from a team runs into the centre to being back and item then tagging their next team mate to do the same and so on. Once all cones are gone players can they steal cones from their opposing teams and when the game ends whichever team has the most cones wins. This game again is mainly designed to encourage better teamwork.


Riverdance – This is an incredibly popular netball game. When playing riverdance two players must stand facing one another close together, holding arms is they wish. When the whistle blows players must then try to tag each other’s feet with their own feet. This game is designed to improve the footwork of netball players.

These are only some of the netball games that teams around the world play too – If you have a netball tour coming up and want to ensure that your team are the best that they can be. Give them a whirl today.