Set Up Camp in America

Deciding to emigrate to America is a huge and very exciting step. If you are lucky, enough to be accepted for a visa or permanent green card then you had better get ready to pack all your things and board the plane.

Adjusting to living in America can be difficult, it is much more different than it first seems. There a various factors that you may not even consider factors yet that can make settling in a little harder.

Firstly, the climate. Different parts of the country can experience much different climates and weather patterns, however, even within the same state you will often find that season differ greatly. For example, winters can be very harsh and cold whilst summer temperatures soar.

Language seems very simple, as the predominant language spoken is in fact English; however, there are certain terms and phrases that you will not have heard of before. Equally, there will be things that you say that local people will not have heard before and learning these is important. Although it will not stop you getting round and successfully settling in, but it will help, you long term with fitting in with the locals.

Housing, possibly the biggest upside to America. Due to various factors differing from back in the UK, houses is America will see you get a whole lot more for your money. In most cases double. Obviously, like anywhere you go popular cities such as New York, Chicago etc. will see house prices rocket, but on a whole in most suburban areas, you will find a lovely family home for great value

When you think about driving, you probably just think other side of the road and you will be fine. Wrong. There are many little things that are slightly different so do not be alarmed if initially you feel like you are learning to drive again. Things such as being able to still turn right when the lights are on red. In some states you aren’t allowed to use your horn, and you know the little green man on traffic lights? In America this is white. Be sure to brush up on the rules of the road in the state you are looking at moving too if you want to avoid any accidents.

Lastly, embrace the food and the culture. Our biggest tip is not to move to the USA and try to live like you are still in the UK. Ditch the tea and cake and go grab a coffee and a bagel. The sooner you embrace American life the sooner you will settle.