Ten Fun Day Trips Easily Reached From Toronto

Toronto is one of North America’s most spectacular cities that offers inquisitive traveler tons of modern restaurants, fun tours, and plenty of activities. But have you ever considered visiting other locations in the province? Ontario is often regarded as one of the most beautiful areas in Canada, so if you’d like to take a day trip outside of the hustle and bustle of the big city, just grab a car rental in Toronto and you’ll be on your way to one of these exciting options below.

  1. Niagara Falls

For hundreds, maybe thousands of years, visitors and locals alike have been marvelling at this spectacular natural site. The Falls are just a two hour drive from Toronto, and once you’re there you can experience them in a variety of ways. From boat trips called the Maid of the Mist that take you to the base of the falls, to walking tours behind the falling water, or even a bird’s eye view on the Skylon Tower, this awe-inspiring piece of nature will give you plenty of ways to experience its majesty.

  1. Niagara on the Lake

While visiting the Falls, you many also want to stop by Niagara on the Lake to take a trip back to the time of 1812. Most of the original town was destroyed in the war of 1812 and rebuilt, but as such, the buildings are from that time period or made to look as they are. The town brings the past to life beautifully as it stages scenes for tourists such as horse drawn carriages.

  1. Algonquin Provincial Park

When Canadians need to get away from the city, they often come to this national park. It’s open all year round and offers an astonishing array of wildlife such as wild moose and wolves plus plenty of gorgeous flora and fauna. It is both a fantastic tourist attraction and a place of escape for a quiet day with the family.

  1. Blue Mountain and Collingwood

A short drive in your car will bring you to Blue Mountain and Collingwood. Come in the winter months for some exciting skiing and snowboarding. If you come in the summer, you can enjoy shopping, mountain biking, and even a few outdoor-themed festivals.

  1. Stratford Festival

Why not indulge your thespian side and visit Stratford! Just a one and a half hour’s drive from Toronto, this small town puts on plays by the Great Bard from May to October. The town has been providing cultural and historical experiences for over 50 years, so you won’t be leaving disappointed.

  1. Canada’s Wonderland

There are times when you need to let your kid’s let off steam and indulge in their childishness. An hour north of Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland is the country’s biggest amusement park and offers thrill rides of all types, tons of treats and games, and overall plenty of things to keep your kids entertained.

  1. Gravenhurst and a Cruise on Lake Muskoka

Easily reach the town of Gravenhurst from Toronto and explore their main street packed full of restaurants and bars. Next, make sure to take a cruise on Lake Muskoka, one of the best in the province. The lake is beautiful in its own right, but many go to see the multimillion dollar mansions that line the lake. An evening cruise after dinner will be beautiful and romantic – just make sure to wear bug spray!

  1. Marineland

Marineland offers you the chance to feed whales by hand, see magnificent creatures such as orcas, and take a trip on the Sky Screamer, a scary thrill seeker ride. It’s a fantastic place to visit with kids, but even just as adults who are interested in marine life.

  1. St. Jacob’s and the Farmers’ Market

The farmer’s market in St. Jacob’s is another blast from Canada’s past. St. Jacob’s is a two hour drive from Toronto and is known for its large population of Old Order Mennonites. it’s best known for its year round farmer’s market where local farmers sell their produce. The village is not a one trick pony, as the stores offer a variety of arts and crafts and the food court is not to be missed while in Ontario. 

  1. African Lion Safari

A short ride west of Toronto and you will come across the African Lion Safari Park.  Not just lions can be seen roaming around in the park but giraffes, monkeys of all types, elephants, bison, and zebras. Here, you drive through the park to see the animals living in a natural setting.  Some of the monkeys have been known to play around with wipers and other parts of cars, so check your car rental warranty!