The 6 Most Instagrammable Spots in Cuba

Some people are seized by an overwhelming desire to document their own lives. You can read whatever you want into the reasoning behind this, but it’s a fairly common thing in this day and age. Technology has made this process infinitely easier. Once upon a time not all that long ago, each photo was precious. It required film that then needed to be developed. Each shot was carefully chosen with this in mind. Film is now largely a nostalgic memory in the minds of photography purists. Everything is digital now, and the composition of each photo requires far less thought. Snap a photo however you like, or of whatever you like. Wrong angle? Bad lighting? No problem. Delete it and start again. Take as many photos as you like. But please, please, please… stop taking photos of your dinner. These photos all need an audience, and so there’s a proliferation of photos deposited daily on social media. Instagram is about the best way to share your travel memories. Your friends can see what you’ve been up to, and share in your happiness. There’s also the fun coincidence that you might end up making them rather darn jealous. Cuba feels like it’s a place just made for photography that is demanding to be showcased on your social media accounts. So what are the 6 most instagrammable spots in all of Cuba?

Havana: The Malecón

You won’t win any points for originality by snapping some photos of Havana’s Malecón, but it’s not as though you’ll be able to resist. This seafront esplanade has been the setting for many an instragram photo, so if you want to differentiate yourself, you’ll need to choose the best time to go. It’s stunningly beautiful as the sun goes down, giving the light a soft hue as it reflects off the water. You can also capture an energetic image if you go on a windy day. If the ocean is angry enough, it crashes into the rock wall and sprays upwards. Hopefully your phone or camera is water resistant!

Havana: Plaza Vieja

Plaza Vieja in the heart of the old city is the Havana of your dreams. Grand buildings border the open space, all painted in soft pastels that manage to be bright and vibrant. If your camera has a panoramic feature, stand in the fountain in the centre of the plaza and try to capture as wide a shot of the square as possible. A high resolution photo capturing the contrast between the colours of the buildings is sure going to get you a whole bunch of instagram likes.

Trinidad: Plaza Mayor

Another plaza in another city, the colonial magnificence of Trinidad’s Plaza Mayor (main square) has been restored to the glory of yesteryear thanks to funding from UNESCO (who also provided funds for the preservation of Havana’s Old Town). Climb the steps to the Casa de la Musica (where you’ll want to come back to in the evening for some salsa and sultry moments). The slight elevation gives you a better perspective from where to capture a remarkable photo of the Plaza Mayor. From this angle you can see that the square is divided into four quarters, which provides a nice contrast for your photo.

Sancti Spíritus: Playa Ancón

This is the sort of vista that is really going to make your friends jealous (not that this was ever your intention… well, not your main intention anyway). This beach (which is just out of Trinidad) is the place where your photos are going to look like something that belongs in a holiday brochure. Stereotypes are often seen as a negative thing, but this is not the case when you encounter the stereotypical elements that have come together to create what could quite literally be a perfect-looking beach. Azure waters? Check. White sands? Check. Gentle waves lapping on the shore? Check. An overwhelming desire to give up your job and move to this beach for the rest of your life? Check, check check!

Viñales: The Red Earth Farmlands

Any photography tour in Cuba should take you to the natural beauty of Viñales. The town itself offers rural authenticity, and yet the real photo opportunities can be found in the surrounding farmlands. This fertile ground is where much of Cuba’s tobacco is grown, and lush, undulating tobacco plants protruding from rich, red earth is going to result in a truly memorable photo.

Havana: Callejón de Hamel

It’s back to Havana for the last item on our list of the most instagrammable spots in Cuba. And by the way, isn’t it strange how “instagrammable” is now an accepted word? This small alleyway in the Cuban capital is an alternative artist’s colony of sorts. This is where the flexibility of digital photography comes into its own since you really won’t know where to point your camera first. The art has spilled out of the studios and onto the streets, resulting in a slice of Havana that is nothing short of psychedelic.